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Unofficial Totoro GIFs Make The Internet A Better Place

These are not official GIFs. They were made by Australian animator CL Terry, and they are terrific.

This Week In The Business: Don't Worry

“Worry is the gun to your head. It changes how you make decisions.” — Obsidian Entertainment CEO Feargus Urquhart on surviving 13 years in AAA development and how “I thought we would have been purchased by now.”

Meet The Proud Creator Of The Worst Game On Steam

On Steam, Bad Rats is infamous. It’s a janky physics puzzle game that people gift to their enemies. Earning all of its achievements is considered a masochistic badge of honour. It’s the butt of joke after joke. And yet, seven years after the release of the original, it just got a sequel.

Wonder Woman's Debut Trailer Is Simply, Well, Wonderful

Video: She’s finally here. After years of false starts, a live-action Wonder Woman movie is coming next winter. Warner Bros. just revealed the first trailer at San Diego Comic-Con to the uproarious excitement of the Hall H crowd and it. is. perfect.

Alleged Use Of 'Superformula' In No Man's Sky Is A 'Non-Story', Says Developer

There was some legal noise a few days ago that Hello Games’ ambitious title No Man’s Sky may have incorporated a so-called, patented “Superformula” into its procedural generation code. Managing director Sean Murray has addressed the situation on Twitter, describing it as a “non-story”.

Final Fantasy III Retrospective: Hope You Like Losing Progress

If you were to ask a Final Fantasy fan to describe the iconic Square series, they might rattle off a series of terms: crystals, classes, chocobos. Flying airships. Summoned monsters with mythological titles like Ifrit and Shiva. Somebody named Cid.

Honest Game Trailers Doesn't Need Kryptonite To Slay Superman 64

Some might say Superman 64 is the softest of targets for Honest Game Trailers. I mean, does the 1999 Nintendo 64 title have any redeeming qualities? I guess it doesn’t crash on startup, but then, one could argue that’s a bad thing.

Strap Your Phone To An RC Car To Hatch Pokemon GO Eggs

More effective than toy trains and more humane than strapping your phone to the dog, radio-controlled cars seem like an excellent to way to hatch Pokemon GO eggs. Aside from actually walking, of course.

An Argument For Calling Bloodborne A Modern Classic

Though it’s the middle of winter, there’s a bunch of awesome games coming out. Not surprisingly, there’s also a bunch of awesome games writing, too. Not sure what to check out? Worth Reading is your guide.

The World Of Warcraft Legion Pre-Patch Has Been Very Good To Me So Far

Not everyone is happy with some of the changes made to World of Warcraft in preparation for the upcoming Legion expansion. Aside from some minor annoyances, I’ve been having a blast. Being Squirrel Girl helps.

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