Now It's Naoto's Turn To Dance. Dance. Dance.

Every time I post a GIF from Persona 4: Dancing All Night, the comments are always the same: where’s Naoto Shirogane? Here’s Naoto Shirogane.

In Skyrim, Looting Is Not A Democracy

Looting in video games. It’s hardly a meritocracy, that’s a major part of what makes it compelling: it’s unfair and you have no bloody idea what you’re gonna get next.

ESPN Airs Video Games, Twitter Freaks Out

Tonight on ESPN 2, sports fans across the world were treated not to the NBA playoffs or the burgeoning baseball season, but to live footage of college students playing Heroes of the Storm.

When Medieval Combat Meets UFC

Let’s say you’re cool with the violence of mixed martial arts, but feel like it’s missing something. The kind of thing you can only really get from two medieval dudes covered in armour beating the shit out of each other with swords.

How I Set Up An Awesome Retro Gaming Hub

There’s something quite special about retro gaming, but having space and the setup to use multiple retro systems does take some effort. Here’s how I set my collection up.

App Deals: Discounted iOS iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone Apps

Today’s best deals include Arena on Windows Phone, Swap Heroes on iOS and Leo’s Fortune on Android. Deals end without warning, so be quick!

The Fake Video Game Rumour Someone Spread For... Homework

What drives a person to make up a video game rumour and spread it around the internet? They might do it for the fame or the infamy. Maybe for a laugh. Sometimes, it’s… to get a good grade on a university paper.

Bloodborne's Soundtrack Is Less Scary Being Sung By Middle-Aged Men In Shorts

The Cleric Beast is a pretty difficult first boss by any standard, and that soundtrack is part of it. Those unearthly chants, the pounding string sections. You imagine a hellish choir singing and toasting to your inevitable doom. What you don’t imagine: a large group of casually clothed middle-aged men and women chilling out, singing like they’ve just rocked up from a family BBQ.

Kinda kills the vibe really.

The League Of Legends Subreddit Is Having A Rough Month

Vote manipulation. Banned journalists and YouTubers. Reddit moderators who enjoy a disproportionate amount of influence. Not all is well in the community of one of the most world’s popular video games.

Tell Us About The Time You Exploited A Game

I’ll admit it: I’m not above exploiting a game if I feel like it adds to the experience. In the case of Left 4 Dead 2, when I ran into some players who taught me a trick to lagging out the game, I was happy to play along.