The fancy re-release of Skyrim is out on PC today! It's got new visuals. Still the same ol' Skyrim under the hood, though, by the looks of it.


You might have heard about Marvel's Mockingbird series in the news this week -- for all the wrong reasons. Its writer, Chelsea Cain, was cruelly harassed off Twitter by "fans" outraged that the series' final issue featured a cover of Bobbi Morse wearing a shirt emblazoned with the words, "Ask me about my Feminist Agenda." 


It's not every day that you see a video game and a national screenwriting award in the same sentence. In fact, it's never happened -- until last week, when the Australian Writers' Guild gave an AWGIE not just to Skyrim, but a Skyrim mod.

The mod is available today for the PC and Xbox One versions of Skyrim. Special Edition. But it wouldn't have been available if its Australian creator, Nick Pearce, hadn't been randomly punched in the face by a stranger.


Nobody picked up Planky's hint from yesterday! Congratulations Planky, you've finally survived to Day 2. Fortunately, he's provided a second hint for you all to redeem yourselves.