'The Difficulty Of Making Manga' Is Being Turned Into A Feature Film

Bakuman, the manga about making manga is getting a live-action movie adaptation. Check out the trailer (with English subtitles).

Artist Uses Skyrim Glitches To Create Beautiful Nightmares

Artist Martin Olsson uses a combination of Skyrim glitches and CGI software to create some truly horrifying animations. That poor skeleton!

Watch Me Die Four Times In The First Five Minutes Of Steredenn

A lovely pixelized combination of shoot-em-up and roguelike, Steredenn changes every time you play, which is the excuse I’m using for all the deaths.

Free Games Friday: Boshi, SQUIDS, Ball Alien, Pixelmon Hunter

The weekend’s almost here, so you have time to relax and check out a free game (or three) on your smartphone. Here are the highlights from the last week.

Getting Real Close To Dragon Age's Dragons

Patrik Karlsson is a veteran character artist who has worked on games like Syndicate, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Darkness and Riddick. Here, though, we’re looking at his work on Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Grim Witcher 3 Money Exploit Leaves Dead Cows Everywhere

It’s easy to rack up money in The Witcher 3 by slaughtering hundreds and hundreds of bovine.

No Bathroom Is Complete Without Pac-Tiles

My soul burns for these. Why are they not in my bathroom RIGHT NOW?

Valve Finally Addresses Counter-Strike's Biggest Problem

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the best multiplayer shooters in existence — by all accounts an incredible game. Well, except for this one thing.

App Deals: Discounted iOS iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone Apps

Today’s best deals include Twitch on Android, Colors on iOS and Battleship 3D War Game on Windows Phone. Deals end without warning, so be quick!

This 17-Year-Old Swatter Sounds Like A Complete Bastard

A 17-year-old in British Columbia, Canada — that’s him above — plead guilty to 23 cases of extortion, public mischief and criminal harassment. What does that mean, exactly? He’s terrifying.