That's A Good Way To Show Off A Spaceship

Dayshot: That’s a good way to show off a spaceship. Edge Case Games, the folks behind the multiplayer space combat game Fractured Space, uploaded a Sketchfab model of one of their in-game ships, the stealth-based Assassin. It has a lot of little crevices you can get lost in — see for yourself in the model viewer below.

Instead Of Skipping A Credits Sequence, Let's Study One

Felix Mack works at Nightjar, a studio that specialises in, well, it’s hard to describe. You know the animation/footage that plays behind an artist when they’re on stage? Or the menus on a DVD? Or the credits sequence for a video game? Yeah, they do that.

Video Games As Vintage Sci-Fi Books

Artist Joshua Ketchen has designed a series called Arcade Adventures, imagining video games as covers of vintage sci-fi books with in a retro-futuristic style.

Ridiculous Halo Snipe Was One-In-A-Million

It’s also completely bullshit. Watch as Lawrencce 1 lands a shot that ricochets off three different surfaces before connecting with the enemy player’s head.

This War Of Mine Heading to iPad

Video: If you missed out on This War of Mine or don’t have access to a gaming PC, Touch Arcade reports the developers are bringing the sombre game to iPad later on this year.

Free Games Friday: Diesel Racer 2, Twisted Lands, Tainted Keep

The weekend’s almost here, so you have time to relax and check out a free game (or three) on your smartphone. Here are the highlights from the last week.

Oh, So This Is How A Modern Assassin's Creed Game Would Work

If you’ve ever wondered/worried how a more modern Assassin’s Creed game would work, with all our fancy weapons and computers and vehicles, don’t sweat it. Even in the 21st-century, there’s a place for an Assassin and his craft: inside the ring.

Short Zelda Movie Is Looking Pretty Good

For years now, a team called The Zelda Project have been working towards recreating as much of Ocarina of Time as they can, through both cosplay and film. We’ve seen their cosplay before, but they have finally got the cash together to make a start on the film part.

Gabe Newell Says The HTC Vive Won't Make You Sick

My first experience with the original Oculus Rift Development Kit: extreme joy followed by nausea. I know I’m not alone in that feeling. Now that Valve and HTC have announce the Vive, one question is, ‘will this one make me want to barf?

If you ask Gabe Newell the answer to that question is a resounding no.

New Rollercoaster Tycoon Game Looks Terrible

Hey, a new Rollercoaster Tycoon game got shown off properly for the first time today! Remember Rollercoaster Tycoon, and how good it was 10, 15 years ago? Keep remembering, because this one looks like hell.