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When Vampires And Demon-Powered Humans Fight It Out

Does a story of human teenagers with cursed demon weapons battling with vampires in post-apocalyptic Tokyo sound like fun to you? Then you’ll probably enjoy Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign.

Straw Dinosaurs Appear In Japanese Fields, Try To Eat Humans

It’s September. In Japan that means rice is being harvested across the country. It also means straw art.

Dancing Pikachus Sure Are Hypnotic

You thought the marching Pikachus were mesmerising? They were! And so are these dancing electric rodents.

Dressing Up Like Dragon Ball Z Made Easy

Costumes can be hard work. If you really like Dragon Ball Z, want to dress up, and are kind of lazy, here are masks and outfits that require minimal effort.

Five Minutes Inside The Mind Of A Goddess

Red Goddess: Inner World is one of those games that shows up on PSN or Steam and you just don’t know. You just don’t. Perhaps the first five minutes of nonlinear platforming action will help?

Vocaloid Singers Have The Coolest Character Designs

To make a successful virtual idol like Hatsune Miku, you need two things: a good-sounding virtual voice and awesome visuals of your singer to capture people’s imaginations — which is why Vocaloid character designs tend to be so darn cool looking.

That Pokémon Slowpoke Song Is Kind Of Messed Up

Remember the official Pokémon reggae song that was released last year in Japanese? Today, it was translated to English — which means we can take a closer look at the lyrics. And well… they’re kind of uncomfortable!

Tribute Thursday: Omikron: The Nomad Soul

It’s been a bit of a strange week — and that’s because it’s been a week where Hideo Kojima was prominent. So in honour of things that are autere, strange and full of action, let’s wind back the clock to a game that was equally bizarre.

Hey, There's A New Danganronpa Out This Week

Dear Kotaku: I have failed you. There’s a new Danganronpa out this week, and I’ve barely even touched it.

Arkham Knight PC Patch Briefly Appears, And Early Reports Are Promising

Warner Bros has been cagey about Batman: Arkham Knight’s long-promised PC patch, but a beta version accidentally went live for some folks today — and they’re reporting good news.

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