Shadow Of Mordor: Like Pro Wrestling, Only With More Orcs

Something I kept thinking about when playing Shadow of Mordor to review was that the orcs in the game reminded me of professional wrestlers. At least, my conception of pro-wrestlers. I mean this as the warmest of possible compliments.

Forza Horizon 2 Takes Traffic Jams To A Whole New Level

Traffic is bad enough when there are cars all around you. It’s worse when they’re on top of you and you’re floating in a void. Also in today’s Highlight Reel, a new Mario Bros world record, Destiny meets Tony Hawk Pro Skater, and more!

Here, Have An Hour's Worth Of Bloodborne Gameplay Footage

If you’ve been following Bloodborne you’ll most likely be aware of an early alpha build doing the rounds. A sizeable number of people have been invited to play. The end result? A whole bloody hour of gameplay footage for your beady eyes!

The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter: The Kotaku Review

Ethan Carter is a game about stories. It’s a disarmingly personal tale, a murder mystery about childhood alienation that resonated with me in unexpected ways. And yes, it was created by a guy who is best known for making an incredibly violent first-person shooter called “Bulletstorm“.

People Are Claiming To Be Popular YouTubers To Get Free Games

When Wastelands Interactive head Leszek Lisowski found a Steam key he thought he’d given to a successful YouTuber on a resale site, he knew something was wrong.

Someone Used A Raspberry Pi To Build A 'SNES'

Well, obviously it’s not a real SNES, but it looks a lot like the US version of the Super Nintendo, and it plays just about every game you can imagine. Super Nintendo games, Mega Drive games, NES games, Atari games. It was created by Reddit user Angryspec as a little personal project and took six months to make.

Remember This?

So we’re on day three and no-one has gotten the answer yet. I’ll give you a little clue and say that yesterday someone was very, very close.

The Combat In Shadow Of Mordor Sure Feels Familiar (In A Good Way)

The enjoyable fighting system in the superb Lord of the Rings game Shadow of Mordor is clearly inspired by the enjoyable fighting system in the superb Batman Arkham games. Let’s compare, shall we?

It Took 6 Years To Finish This Retro FPS

Joining the ranks of the modern retro-style shooters we’ve been seeing so many of lately — a great trend, I might add — is Wrack, the colourful, arcade-esque FPS for PC that’s been under development for six years.

Tell Us Dammit: Are You Still Playing Destiny?

I am still playing Destiny. I am just about to hit level 16 and I’m moving relatively slowly compared to my friends and also, hilariously, my family. Everyone in the good goddamn world seems to be higher level than me! But the question I want to ask today is this: are you still playing and do you see yourself playing for the foreseeable future?