Star Wars Battlefront Looks Cool, But I'm Not Ready To Get Excited

Star Wars fans are easy marks. It’s one of our kind’s more endearing qualities, even while it tends to leave us vulnerable to being exploited. And we have been exploited, even by, perhaps accidentally, the man who created this universe and brand.

LEGO Batman V. Superman Teaser Is Just As Gritty As The Real Thing

Video: I don’t know how I feel about the tone of the recently released Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice teaser and the LEGO version isn’t helping.

GTA Cars, Accidentally Brought To Life

On today’s Highlight Reel we have population explosions, sceptical fatalities, flying peasants, slow motion car explosions and more!

Tokyo Ghoul √A Has Strong Characters But A Weak Story

Super-powered “ghouls” stalk through the night hunting humans for food; the police are largely powerless to protect the people; and a young man finds himself standing between the worlds of predator and prey. It’s a great setup. Too bad the follow-through was lacklustre.

Custom LEGO Star Wars Sandcrawler Gets The Size Right

If the official 3296-piece version of the Jawa’s desert vehicle wasn’t big enough, here’s a colossal one built by Peter Brookdale.

A VR Gaming Chair To Make You Barf

This is the MMOne. It’s a “3-axis virtual-reality gaming chair”. And it might make you barf. I know it would make me.

The Attack On Titan Movie Looks Terrifying

Here’s a new trailer for the upcoming live-action Attack on Titan movie — this one gives us a closer look at the titans, and I think it’s safe to say the movie nails the horrifying giants.

This Magnificent, Life-Sized Alien Queen Statue Is Made From Recycled Metal

I’m scared already and they’re just photos of the darn things. An Etsy magician by the name of “Kreatworks” crafts beautiful/horrifying sculptures from recycled metal, with the alien queen above just one glorious example of his work. You can buy them too… if you live in Thailand and have $15,000 to spare.

GamerGate Booth Kicked Out Of Canadian Comic Expo

The Honey Badger Brigade, a group of men and women sympathetic to men’s rights activism and calling itself a collective in favour of artistic expression, had its booth removed from the ongoing Calgary Expo today for reportedly disrupting panels and associating with GamerGate.

Worth Reading: Game Downloads Are Getting Out Of Control

It’s the weekend, buddy! Relax, and enjoy a slice of insightful gaming writing from the week that was.