A Mario Kart Finish To Remember

Video: This is so good. Congratulations, Freshmoon. You earned it.

Chinese University Marks Anniversary With Rip-Off Allegations

Fudan University is one of China’s most elite universities. This week, it is being accused of not only ripping off a famous Japanese university, but also Apple. Some week!

SOMA Set For September 22 Release

Video: The developers of horror classic Amnesia: The Dark Descent will release their new game, SOMA, on September 22. Set underwater, it’s coming to both PlayStation 4 and PC. There’s a new gameplay trailer too.

The Witcher 3's NPCs Get Weird When You're Not Looking

When you’re there bumping into them and exchanging pleasantries, the NPCs of The Witcher 3 look busy! They’re digging, and chatting, and sitting, and doing all kinds of stuff. Walk away, though, and they drop the act.

A Very Different Kind Of Stormtrooper

ThreeA — a company renowned for making some of the best damn toys on the planet — has come out with a line of Star Wars figures, designed by famed comic, toy (and Metal Gear) artist Ashley Wood.

Yes, I Want A Faceless Rex DOTA 2 Courier

Remember Valve’s “rejected” DOTA 2 character designs? Well, the guy who made Faceful Void into a reality is back, this time with something that could actually make it through Valve’s selection process.

Sadly, Geralt Doesn't Have A Penis

In the Witcher 3, Geralt is one swinging dude. He must have some libido! Seems he doesn’t have much of a weenie — or, for that matter, any whatsoever.

Renting Boyfriends In Japan Can Get Expensive

Do you have a boyfriend? No? Would you like to rent one? Good news, because does Japan have a service for you. It’s not cheap.

Uh, Totoro, Are You OK?

Julian Futanto is an artist, animator and game developer currently working on the very cool Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?!, a game about making (and selling) RPG weapons to RPG heroes.

The God Eater Anime Trailer With English Subtitles

A dystopian future where giant monsters rule the Earth and mankind is protected by impossibly giant weapon-wielding soldiers? Hot damn I’m in.