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Ice-Pick Lodge Is Releasing A Tweaked Version Of Their Horror Game, Pathologic

Ice-Pick Lodge is releasing a tweaked version of their cult classic horror game, Pathologic, this spring. It’s getting updated visuals, a brand-new translation, and more. They crowdfunded a remake coming in late 2016, as well.

In Space, No One Can Hear You Pew Pew

Andrew Ley is a concept artist who has worked on games like Star Citizen, Killzone Shadowfall and BioShock Infinite.

Let's Make Anime Great Again! 

Anime isn’t cute enough. It’s not great enough. Presidential candidate Donald Trump wants to change that. Remember. If you vote for Trump, you are voting for anime. That’s a fact.

World Of Warcraft Panorama Shots To Delight And Amaze

These awesome panorama pics, made by Redditor Aetheree, show a different side of Draenor (and Azeroth) and make us appreciate simple in-game things — like the night sky — that we usually ignore while playing.

What It Looks Like When A Dota 2 Character Gets Nerfed

The infuriating explosive-trap laying Dota 2 hero Techies were hit particularly hard with the game’s most recent patch. So hard that it looks like they have almost disappeared from the game.

LoL Fans: Part Two Of The 2015 Worlds Group Stage Starts In Thirty Minutes

A friendly reminder to all the League of Legends fans: part two of the 2015 World Championship group stage games starts tonight at 10 pm AEST. That’s in thirty minutes! I’ll be updating our explainer and covering tomorrow’s games as they play out.

Japan's 'Internet You Vs. The Real You' Meme

Maybe not you per se, but there are some folks who are very tough or super cool online. In real life, though, they might be different.

The World's Best League Of Legends Player Knows No Mercy

The Korean eSports star Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok is so good at League of Legends that fans have taken to calling him “God.” The honorific makes a lot of sense, given how wrathful the pro player just showed himself to be.

The New Team Fortress 2 Update Has Some Great Dishonored Easter Eggs

Team Fortress 2‘s loooooooong-awaited alien-themed “Invasion” update is finally out, and players are digging it. Well, some of them are, anyway.

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