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Uncharted 4: The Kotaku Review

We captured this moment of Uncharted 4 action using the game’s photo mode.

For a worrisome amount of time, Uncharted 4 feels like little more than a familiar, obligatory sequel, existing the way Mario Karts and Halos do to continue bolstering one faction in the ongoing console wars. Excellent, fresh ideas for these kinds of automatic sequels are not a prerequisite.

No One Is Missing From This Fan-Made LEGO Mos Eisley Spaceport

A wretched hive of scum and villainy. LEGO and Star Wars enthusiast I Scream Clone and his friends built a quite busy and enormous blocky version of Mos Eisley, including pretty much everything that can show up in a desolate place like this.

A Pizza Box Made Out Of Pizza, For When You Want Pizza In Your Pizza

Tired of watching customers waste cardboard and obviously bored out of his mind, Sean Berthiume of Vinnie’s Pizzeria in Brooklyn created a pizza container out of another pizza. Because pizza.

For An Anime Studio, This Looks Pretty Nice 

Many anime studios tend to look like regular, bland offices. They’re functional, which is fine, but lack personality and style. The new headquarters for anime studio P.A. Works is functional, too, but it also looks quite nice.

Tim Sweeney's Still Pissed At Microsoft

When Microsoft announced its plans to unify their systems through the Universal Windows Platform, the chorus of disapproval from developers was swift and immediate. And one of the loudest was Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney, accusing the corporation of trying to dominate the industry.

Microsoft refuted his claims, but it’s done little to quell Sweeney’s anger. He’s still pissed at Microsoft, and he’s still letting everyone know about it.

Japan's Movie Posters Could Be Great, Like This

In Japan, the rep for many modern movie posters is that they’re not cool. The ones distributors create for the local market are often criticised for lacking in style. Shame, because there are truly awesome one-sheets being done, many of which are totally unofficial and totally fantastic.

Bloodrayne Cosplay's Coming For Your Claret

Old games never die. They just fade away…until someone comes back and cosplays as their half-vampire star.

Listen To Ta-Nehisi Coates Wax Lyrical About His Black Panther Comic

It’s always a delight to hear a creator enthusiastically discuss their work, but when said creator is Ta-Nehisi Coates, one of the most talented writers in America, talking about his work on Black Panther, one of the most hotly anticipated Marvel series around? It’s doubly delightful.

Meet The God Of Cardboard Art

Kyoto artist Masahiko Senda doesn’t sculpt with stone or clay. He uses cardboard to create his statues and figurines. Senda says he strives to create pieces that “surprise and amuse people”. He should add “impress” to that list, because that’s exactly what his work does.

The Director Of The New Mutants Movie May Have Just Revealed The Team

We’ve not heard all that much yet about Josh Boone’s X-Men movie spinoff New Mutants, but the director/writer himself has taken to Instagram to tease the characters that will form the young superhero team in the movie. So far, it’s looking very traditional.

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