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Deals: Master The Language Behind Every Web Browser

When it comes to web development, few languages are as prolific as JavaScript. If you’re looking to make a living building websites, stop what you’re doing and start learning with the Essential JavaScript Coding Bundle, on sale for just $33.19 AUD [$25 USD].

Smash Bros. Player Shuts Down Heckler, Goes On To Win Tournament 

On an autumn Sunday before a Patriot’s game, you won’t find Tom Brady coming through the front entrance to get onto the field. You won’t find him in any of Gillette Stadium’s public restrooms taking a leak at half time. In fact, unless you are part of a very small and select cadre of people, you probably won’t see him at all.

Community Review: Destiny Rise Of Iron

We’ve had roughly a week with Destiny’s latest expansion, Rise of Iron, and so far the takeaway has been generally positive. It’s got one of the game’s best story missions, and we’re finally getting a sense of what Destiny can do when it doesn’t have to accommodate for the 360 and PS3.

But are you having fun?

Ask Dr. NerdLove: Should I Tell My Girlfriend I Lost My Virginity To A Sex Worker?

Greetings, you corrupting porn tentacles, and welcome to Ask Dr. NerdLove, the first dating advice column to compete in the Kumite. This week we’re talking about sex, sexual shame and the intense emotions that run rampant when we start getting busy.

Looks Like Steam's Store Is Getting An Overhaul

Steam developers were given a heads-up over the weekend that Valve’s online marketplace is about to be getting some much-needed changes to the way it displays games and new content.

This Week In Games: All Of The Tactics

Whether it’s in the form of sports or the form of getting aliens to bugger off Planet Earth, this week is all about the tactics.

Except for that small thing called Forza Horizon 3.

Sunday Comics: Food For Thought

Welcome to Kotaku’s Sunday Comics, your weekly roundup of the best webcomics. The images enlarge if you click on the magnifying glass icon.

Paladins Overtakes GTA V On Steam

You could argue that being free-to-play immediately gives Hi-Rez’s shooter an advantage. But the free-to-play game is quickly picking up popularity on Steam, surpassing long-time favourites on Steam such as Rust, Skyrim, Arma 3 and GTA V.

That's One Way To Advertise A Rollercoaster Game

If you’re making a rollercoaster tycoon game, one way to promote it could be showing off aspects of management, highlighting weather transitions, the flexibility of building placements, and so on. Or you could just send hundreds of NPCs flying into the air.

Destiny's New Raid Shows What Bungie Can Do By Ditching Last-Gen

Since Destiny launched in 2014, we’ve wondered what the game might look like if it didn’t have to run on PS3/Xbox 360 as well as PS4 and Xbox One. The new Wrath of the Machine raid, which is part of the current-gen only Rise of Iron expansion, gives a pretty good idea.

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