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No, Honey, It's Not A Good Time

The Vision is trying to be human. He has an android wife and two kids. Sometimes, just like regular folks, he’s going to get phone calls while he’s at work.

Ash From Pokémon Is Superhuman 

As far as Pokémon trainers go, Ash isn’t that potent. As far as little kids go, he is superhuman.

The Real Malware Messages Hackers Used To Leave On Computers

The ’80s and ’90s were a different time, especially when it comes to computer viruses. It’s pretty cool to look back now, when we’re safe from being infected by these old-school nefarious programs.

'90s Toys Invade In Silly Independence Day Clip

Video: Instead of an alien comeback, in Darren Wallace’s version of the Independence Day sequel, creepy toys of the same era attack our planet.

ALICE VR Looks Like A Sci-Fi Version Of The Witness (With Oculus Rift Support)

If The Witness and Eastshade are anything to go by, 2016 might be the year of the “walking simulator”. I know that phrase is almost always used derogatively, but that’s not the case here. It could also mean VR comes into its own — which is a perfect fit for the genre — especially if Carbon Studio’s ALICE VR gains some traction.

Bohemia Interactive: DayZ Forums Have Been Hacked

Another day, another hacked forum. Bohemia Interactive is the latest victim, with the official DayZ boards falling to unidentified internet vandals.

The Depressing Story Behind The Making Of Whac-a-Mole

It’s time for another Worth Reading, our weekly roundup of the best games writing on the internet.

Reminder: The Basic Wii U Sucks

The Wii U itself is terrific. Great console. But whatever you do, do not buy the 8GB version. This week’s Smash Bros. patch and DLC provided a reminder that its lack of storage space stinks.

People Can't Stop Seeing The Witness' Puzzles, Even In The Real World

The Witness is a very good puzzle game. So good that folks just can’t get its puzzles out of their head. At the airport, at a nice restaurant, everywhere.

A Good Way To Name Saves In XCOM 2

You can save at any time in XCOM 2, and you can name your saves. This is, unquestionably, a good thing.

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