Infinifactory Is Out Of Steam Early Access.

Infinifactory is out of Steam Early Access. Described as “like Spacechem in 3D” by, er, the creator Spacechem, Infinifactory is an excellent sandbox puzzle game about constructing factories for alien overlords. You get to solve devilish puzzles your way. It also makes for some mesmerising GIFs.

Beautiful Future Graphics

French artist Koola, whose visualisation work we saw last year, continues to amaze with how he can take Unreal Engine 4 and make it look like, well, the real world.

More Jurassic Park Movies Like This, Please

Jorry Rosman is a concept artist currently working at Guerilla Games. In addition to his contributions to the studio’s trademark Killzone games, he’s also come up with a personal project that’s basically DayZ vs Jurassic Park.

Wow, That's A Large Anime Figure

Size does matter. And this anime figurine is pretty damn big.

How Would You Solve The Problems With Virtual Reality?

As I’ve already written elsewhere Virtual Reality elicits strange reactions. In an ideal world Virtual Reality would represent the next grand leap in interactive entertainment and everyone would live happily ever after.

But it’s a bit more complicated than that. VR has problems. At this moment, those problems do not have solutions.

How would you fix it?

There Was A Robot Wedding In Japan

You may kiss the bride. The robot bride. The ceremony, which you can see in the RT video below, was for robots Frois and Yukirin. But apparently only one of them was a real robot. Can you guess which one?

Heroes Of The Storm Proves That A New Warcraft Strategy Game Could Work

Heroes of the Storm is a really fun game. But playing it as a Warcraft veteran can hit a little too close to home.

In Dreamfall Chapters: Book Three, the Story Finally Gets Moving

With all the world building and character introductions out of the way, it’s finally time to reveal some mysteries and get the adventure on its way.

A Live Cover Of Splatoon's Most Badass Song

Splatoon is my new obsession. I can’t apologise for it and I can’t stop playing it.

I love the music. Which is just this Japanese style pastiche rock and I can’t get enough of it.

Emulator Within An Emulator Creates Almost Perfect Pokemon

We missed this earlier in the month, but the talented team behind the Dolphin emulator have done something very cool: they have got N64games working on the GC/Wii emulator by running their virtual console versions.