Drowning Simulator Is The Worst Game I Have Ever Played

I hate being in the ocean. Shallow beaches, I can handle, but the deep sea terrifies me more than spiders, snakes and birds who can talk put together. So a game where you do nothing but drown in open water is not my Game Of The Year candidate.

Artist's Impressions Of Two Legend Of Zelda Boss Fights

Artist Vincent Bisschop redrew two boss fights from The Legend of Zelda games in a really atmospheric way. Here’s Queen Gohma above, from Ocarina of Time, and Kalle Demos below from Wind Waker.

The Perfect Murder, With Help From Snapchat

Once a Snapchat message is over, that’s it. You can’t look at it anymore (without technical kn0w-how, anyway). And that’s exactly what makes Snapchat the perfect vehicle for some messed up messages in this short film by James Corbett.

Nice Day, Shame We Gotta Work

Adam Duncan is a director at 12 Field, the animation studio behind the cinematics for the gorgeous Armello.

Nine Things You Might Not Know About Disney Movies

Disney movies have been around for a long time — which means they have a rich history. Chances are good that even if you grew up watching them, you still don’t know everything there is to know about Disney movies.

App Deals: Discounted iOS iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone Apps

Today’s deals include Contra: Evolution on Android, Microtrip on iOS, and Absolon on Windows Phone. Deals end without warning, so be quick!

XCOM: Enemy Unknown For Android Coming Soon

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is coming to Google Play and the Amazon Appstore “soon”, according to the game’s official Twitter account. This is great news for all the mobile gamers out there who’ve long felt the sting of not owning an iPhone or iPad.

New Ace Attorney Game Announced, Series Goes Back In Time

When Nintendo said the next Ace Attorney game would be “totally different”, they weren’t kidding.

Meet The New Skylanders: Skylanders Trap Team

The next major instalment in Skylanders, Activision’s wildly popular toy-video game mashup, is called Trap Team, the company announced at a special event this afternoon in New York City. It’s being developed by series creator Toys for Bob, and as the name suggests, the new game is going to let you capture bad guys and play with them alongside all the noble Skylanders.

Snoop Dogg Makes Call Of Duty Way More Fun

If your Call of Duty experience has been feeling a little repetitive lately, you can mix it up with the newest DLC, which replaces all voiceover with Snoop Dogg saying things like “You’ve lost the lead man, get your shit together!” Check out some of his best lines in this video from OutsideXbox.