Great Gift Ideas For Gaming And Powerful PC Enthusiasts

Stuck for inspiration for the PC gamer in your life? Our list of top picks will ensure a smile on the face of anyone lucky enough to score these PC gaming gifts.

GTA V's Version Of Operation Is Way More Explosive

Remember the board game Operation, where you have to do your best to extract all sorts of stuff from a patient’s body without touching the edges of the cavities? This is sort of like that, except way more unsafe.

Aww, The Dragon Age Dragon Thinks It's A Helicopter

Dragons are supposed to be Dragon Age’s most fearsome foe. That’s why they are in the title! This dragon didn’t get that memo, though.

Fine Art: Nice Paint Job, Robots!

Gennaro Grazioso is a character modeller and a concept artist working in the video game business.

Dude Kills Arcade Machine With Badass Spinning Kick

It’s a boxing game, dude. You’re breaking the rules. And by the look of that hit counter going berserk in slow-mo, you’re breaking the game as well.

Cuboid Hedgehogs Are The Cutest Hedgehogs

Video: This GIF is from a “preview of a biome’s artistic development” from Planets³, the Kickstarter-funded Minecraftlike that’s going pre-alpha in January. The full video is below, showing off the whole (rather gorgeous) scene, with the hedgehog squeaking adorably.

Freebie Friday! Free Games For iOS, Android And Windows Phone

At the end of each week, we bring you a list of the latest free mobile games for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone. Deals this week include Gangstar Vegas, Aces of Steam and Hodor Keyboard. Download them all without spending a cent!

If Adventure Time Characters Were Pokémon Trainers

Imagine, for a moment, that characters like Finn or Marceline had to pick a Pokémon team. What creatures would you match them up with?

The Most Random Game Of Fallout

If nothing else, I have to admire this Fallout: New Vegas player for his persistence. He’s making every choice by rolling D20 dice. New Vegas is a huge game with countless dialogue options. That’s, um — let me see, carry the several thousand — a megafuckton of real-life dice rolls.

Steam Shooter Copies Real War, Declares Truce For Christmas

Well this is just heartwarming. Verdun, a multiplayer World War I shooter currently in Early Access on Steam, has declared a Christmas truce from December 18-25. You will still be able to duke it out in The War That Didn’t Really Succeed In Ending All Wars if you wish, but developers M2H and Blackmill have begun to “enforce” peaceful events rooted in very real history.