Kotaku Awards 2014: Nominate Your Game Of The Year

Alright, it’s the big one. I’d like to invite you all to nominate your favourite game of the year.

Attack On Titan's First Animated Movie Fixes A Big Problem

This past weekend saw the release of the first Attack on Titan compilation movie — Attack on Titan: The Crimson Bow and Arrow. And while viewers of the anime will have seen everything in this film before, the movie does manage to address the series’ largest flaw: the pacing.

Starbound Is Just As Beautiful As On Day One

Dayshot: Starbound turns one year old next week, and it’s just as beautiful as on day one. The game has been getting regular updates this year in the form of nightly builds; in this screenshot, lead developer Tiyuri is showing off a boat that may or may not end up in the game eventually. That sunset and those colours though.

'Creepy' Pokémon Sure Makes For Wonderful Photoshops

This is Marshtomp. It’s an evolved Mudkip, and the Pokémon didn’t used to look this glazed over. Online in Japan, people are saying Marshtomp is “too creepy” (キモ過ぎる). That and they’re making Marshtomp photoshops. Of course they are!

Spoiler Space: More From William Gibson About The Peripheral

You know, while I was editing and writing my interview with William Gibson for this piece, I kept lamenting about all the great quotes and observations I’d have to leave on the cutting room floor for space and spoilers.

The Post-Indie Bubble: What It's Like To Release Your Second Game

On Thursday, I launched a computer game. In many ways it was an anti-climatic way to celebrate 10 months of hard work (for which my neck will never forgive me), but it’s the natural conclusion to the development of any game. Yesterday I put together a demo and made a few tweaks to the website and today, well, today I’ve had a chance to ruminate over the last year.

'Blast Pit' Is The Best Level In Half-Life

I think Half-Life is one of the greatest video games of all time, which isn’t a controversial opinion. Valve’s 1998 debut rocked the gaming world. Many aspects of its design have yet to be topped. Nowhere is this more obvious than Half-Life’s sixth level, Blast Pit.

Fireworks Simulator Goes To Show You Can Make A Sim Of Just About Anything

I won’t pretend to understand the wide appeal of the various esoteric simulator games that have popped up in recent times. Everything from farming and trucks to, well, goats is now catered for in this lovely reality we live in. The only thing missing? Fireworks, obviously. And they’re cracking good fun, so why not have a game that lets you fire explosive prettiness into the sky… or simulate the experience, at least?

$64 Million Buys You Space Pets

Never mind a cohesive, complete game, the ever-increasing cash black hole that is Star Citizen has announced its latest stretch goal: animals.

Human Existence Is A Big, Sad Video Game In William Gibson's New Novel

Human beings are the most important ingredients in game design. Without the participation and attention of an actual person, games are just basically systems waiting for input. In the new novel by legendary science-fiction writer William Gibson, humans aren’t just controlling disembodied avatars in made-up worlds. They’re controlling each other, too, in the worst possible ways.

Get Torchlight Free And The Multiplayer Sequel For $US5

Diablo III finally got its act together, and Path of Exile exists for those after a more old-school hack’n'slash experience, but if you’re looking for a compromise (or just another action RPG to clock), Arc Games is currently offering the original Torchlight for zero dollars and the second game at a steep discount.