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Fine Art: The Art Of Total War: Warhammer

It’s always a pleasure when I get to showcase the work of an entire team on Fine Art, and doubly so when it’s a game that I really, really like.

When One Piece Meets Overwatch In Fan Art

What happens when you mix Overwatch with One Piece? Cool fan art, it seems.

Business Fish Is Here For Cosplay Pleasure

Here is a video of Business Fish, still the #1 sticker pack on Facebook, heading down to DragonCon and doing his thing. Which, being a social networking sticker, is mostly just REACTING to everything happening around him.

This Might Be Dragon Ball Super's Biggest Reveal 

Do you wonder who Goku Black is? Well, if this leak is correct, we could officially find out soon.

Fighting Game Has Useless DLC That Players Buy To Support Devs

Honey Rose: Underdog Extraordinaire is newly released Steam game that fuses fighting games and visual novels. It’s a game about choice, something that even extends to its pricing model.

Logitech's Top Streaming Webcam Gets An Upgrade

Since its introduction in January of 2012, Logitech’s C920 has been the go-to webcam for high definition streaming. Today it takes a backseat to the new C922, able to stream and record at 60 frames per second and dynamically remove the background from broadcasts.

Everything You Wanted To Know About Sonic The Hedgehog Physics

Back when the first Sonic game was released in 1991, developers had to get extremely creative with console hardware. While we take physics for granted in games now, it was a tricky business making objects jump, fall and otherwise move correctly back then. These days, with the ability to dive into old ROMs for the likes of the Mega Drive, we can see exactly how ingenious these coders were.

Blizzard Nerfs Infamous Heathstone Card Ahead Of World Championships

Even if you’re only remotely up-to-date with Blizzard’s digital card game, you only need one guess. Yes, the god of random himself, Yogg-Saron, will be getting a significant tweak before the Hearthstone World Championship kicks off later this month.

Clustertruck's Developers Are Pranking Its Twitch Streamers

Streamer Vinesauce was surfing a parade of trucks in the new physics platformer Clustertruck when, on screen, these words appeared: “Hello Vinesauce. We are in control now.”

Win! Flights And A Trip To PAX Australia, Thanks To Magic: The Gathering Kaladesh

As the Magic fans among you are no doubt aware, the new Kaladesh set is close to release. Friday September 30 is the official date.

To celebrate that launch Kotaku has teamed up with Wizards of the Coast to send two people to PAX Australia! Flights, accommodation and tickets will be included.

UPDATE: And entering just got easier!

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