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Short Film Shows What It's Like To Grow Up Being Player Two In Video Games

If you grew up with an older brother or sister and an old school video game console, Zachary Antell’s short animation Player Two should hit you right in the nostalgic feeling bank. Some people call that a heart, and maybe make you want to pick up the phone to call him or her (or let’s be honest, shoot a text to them).

If Dragon Ball Super Was Made In The 1990s

It’s not. It’s made now, but if the anime was made in the 1990s, the show would probably look something like this.

The Best Overwatch Cosplay

Fans love Overwatch. Artists love Overwatch. Know who else loves Overwatch, with all those weird and wonderful character designs? Cosplayers.

Total War Warhammer Becomes The Next Steam Hit

It’s not often you see a tactical strategy game sitting just underneath the likes of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2 on the Steam charts.

The Ghibli Museum Is Getting A Catbus For Adults

Dreams are real once again! The Ghibli Museum in Tokyo’s Mitaka has a Catbus from the classic anime My Neighbour Totoro. Until now, only children (children, ha!) could get in the Catbus. But this July, there will be a Catbus that adults can also board. Thank goodness.

Holy Ruck, Raggy, That Dumb-Looking Scooby-Doo Comic Is Pretty Good

When the reveal of DC Comics’ post-apocalyptic reboot of Scooby-Doo hit months ago, it featured images of Fred carrying a Big Freakin’ Gun, Velma holding a bizarre gamepad and Shaggy wearing a lumbersexual-style waxed moustache and beard. Fans everywhere went “ruh-roh” upon seeing the cover for Scooby Apocalypse #1. Don’t worry; the story inside is much better than the cover implies.

When Street Fighter Cosplayers Work Out

When Jutsu Cosplay dresses as a Street Fighter character, she’s got the moves and the muscles to make it look good.

Hyper Light Drifter's Retro Collector's Edition Is So Hot

Most digital download only games don’t get a fancy collector’s edition release. Hyper Light Drifter is not most download only games, and its collectors edition, up for presale tomorrow from iam8bit, is very fancy indeed.

Everyone, Please Stop Freaking Out About That Ridiculous Captain America Reveal

It’s All-New, All-Different Marvel! It’s the All-New, All-Different adventures of Steve Rogers, back in action today as Captain America! And Steve has an All-New, All-Different gimmick to his history that will change the Marvel Universe forever… if by forever you mean a few months or so, although you wouldn’t know it by the way everyone is freaking out.

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