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Persona 4: Dancing All Night is Just As Fun At The Arcade

I really enjoyedPersona 4: Dancing All Night. And so did Fahey. But as fun as it was on the Vita, there’s something special about playing it on a giant arcade cabinet.

This Is What My Nephew Teaches My Children While I Am Working

This is what my nephew teaches my children while I am working. His punishment is this post.

Indie Dev Co-opts Kate Upton's Infamous Carl's Jr. Ad

Independent mobile developer Tom Young couldn’t afford a big budget Kate Upton commercial like the Game of War: Fire Age folks for his puzzle game, so he just took Carl’s Jr.’s ad instead. The results are wonderfully bizarre.

Sixteen Bosses In Shadow Of The Colossus Weren't Enough For Artist Roberto Robert

Sixteen bosses in Shadow of the Colossus weren’t enough for artist Roberto Robert, so he drew two more. They’re both awesome, very similar to the fifth colossus Avion, and would fit perfectly in the setting of the game.

Fine Art: Turning The Batmobile Into A Batsuit

Jason Mark is a character artist at Ubisoft, where he’s worked on games like Far Cry 4 and the upcoming Rainbow Six: Siege.

Witcher 3 Will Let You Play The Expansion With A Pre-Made Character

If your character wasn’t a high enough level and you couldn’t be bothered starting Geralt’s adventure again from scratch, that’s OK: there’s a third option.

A Surprise First Look At The New Homeworld Game

Shipbreakers, the first new game in the Homeworld series since the year 2000, has barely been seen since it was first unveiled back in 2011. So it’s both neat — and a little surprising — to finally see some footage of the project.

GTA V Tank Is Like, Nope, Not Gonna Catch Me

Grand Theft Auto V’s tanks are tough, but they’re not invincible. Eventually the cops will bring you down…

Hayao Miyazaki Is One Tough Critic

Make no mistake. Hayao Miyazaki of Studio Ghibli fame doesn’t seem easy to please — even if you are his son. Rather, especially if you are his son.

Metal Gear Solid V Looks Beautiful When It Breaks

What you’re seeing here isn’t a mod, or a tweak. It’s a bug, which kingoddball KOB discovered while trying to play Metal Gear Online on PS4, that means most of the game world’s textures simply fail to load.

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