These Swords Will Mess You Up

The martial art Kalaripayattu is elegant and beautiful. Those flexible swords the two men are wielding? Goodness, they’re scary.

5 Unsettling Ways One Game Can Screw With Your Head

We love games that mess with our heads. Who can forget fighting Psycho Mantis in MGS: Twin Snakes? The science of the mindscrew is a delicate one, but when used well, it can be a powerful tool for keeping players on their toes. Our most recent game, Deadnaut, a scary blend of Space Hulk and Event Horizon, had to be as unsettling as possible. The stranger and more unusual ways we could find to terrify the player, the better.

Hyrule Warriors Will Let You Wreck Havoc As A Giant Chicken

The final piece of DLC for Hyrule Warriors won’t be available for most people until March 12, but Japan’s already playing the game’s Boss Pack. If you accomplish a specific and special task, the game rewards you with the chance to play as one of Zelda‘s most fiendish villains: the cucoo.

Tiny Felt Pokémon Contain Weaponised Levels Of Cute

They’re round, they’re small, they’re fluffy, they’re based on cute fictional monsters, and they’re smiling. Yep, that’s a deadly combo alright.

How To Get All The World Of Warcraft Garrison Jukebox Music Rolls

With patch 6.1 World of Warcraft got a Jukebox that plays custom music while we’re hanging out in our Garrison. The gadget itself is easy to assemble, but finding all the tunes for it will take some time.

The New Tales Game Plays Differently Than You'd Expect 

Since Tales of Symphonia, combat in the console Tales games has been largely the same (though with a few admittedly unique features in each one). But the newest game, Tales of Zestiria, has several changes that, while small, alter how the battles work on a fundamental level.

Worth Reading: How Real-Life Choices Influence What We Do In Games

How much thought do you give to your moral choices in video games? Do you wish you could take one back? The Western press spills a lot of ink about Japan’s views on sexuality, but ever wondered what Japan thinks about our views on violence? All this and more, so come on in…

F**k Pikachu

Seriously. Nineteen years ago, the original Pokémon Red and Green released in Japan for the Game Boy. What better way to commemorate this day, than to eviscerate Pokémon’s emblem?

The Sad Story Behind A Dead PC Game That Can't Come Back

The latest attempt to re-release the beloved PC series No One Lives Forever is dead in the water. The saddest part? It could have been rescued, if not for the apathy of big corporations.

Wasteland 2's Engine Upgrade Promises Better Visuals And Modding Tools

An increasing number of games are being built using Unity (including the writer’s own Deadnaut), thanks to the flexibility and power it provides, as well as simplifying the process of developing for multiple platforms. The next version of the middleware, 5.0, is just around the corner and inXile is already in the process of upgrading Wasteland 2 to use the new tech.