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Squirrel Girl Shows Us Computer Science Can Be Extremely Metal

In a quest to continue being the go-to comic for creating the most nonsensical blogs, this week’s issue of Squirrel Girl uses basic computer science and counting in binary to deliver a splash page so fundamentally rad that it should probably grace the cover of a mid-’80s metal album. Suffice to say, it’s rather brilliant.

The Scariest Video Game Monster Is Time

From Dragon Age’s darkspawn to Silent Hill’s Pyramid Head, video games have no shortage of terrifying foes. But there is a single enemy that is scarier than any of them. A formless, invisible beast that can never be stopped: Time.

Playing With Armello's Latest Rat Bastard

Fantasy board/card game Armello was one of my favourite games of 2015. While it remains just as fun to play now as it was then, it’s adding four new fantasy animals to play as in next week’s Usurpers Hero Pack. Watch me play as Sargon, the dirtiest rat ever.

No Man's Sky Mods Make Everything Huge

Not awed by No Man’s Sky? Maybe you just need a change in perspective.

Deathstroke Gets Back To Being DC Comics' Biggest Arsehole

Slade Wilson kills people for money. Sometimes, it’s just because he wants/needs to. In recent years he’s been presented as a kind of antihero, but his newest series is taking him back to his roots as a straight-up jerkwad.

The RTS That Makes You Program Your Own Units

Screeps, standing for “scripted creeps”, is the MMO RTS that makes you code the AI of every unit or structure you control. It’s damn hard doing that absolutely basic stuff in this game, such as gathering resources, let alone mounting a full-scale attack on an enemy.

GTA V's Missions Are The Ultimate Thrill Ride

The Grand Theft Auto series is the modern epic, encompassing American culture in all its decadence and corrupted glory. The humour is crass, the violence is shocking, and the game’s allure keeps us going mission after a mission as we follow a cast of conflicted criminals.

Chrono Cross Was A Bad Sequel, But A Brilliant Game

In many ways, the reason Chrono Cross is one of the most underrated JRPGs in gaming is because of the comparisons to its predecessor, Chrono Trigger.

Daigo Umehara Joins The Fray At Sydney's OzHadou Nationals 14

The OzHadou Nationals 14 are underway this weekend, as Australia’s best in the fighting game community go head to head, and also take on a few international superstars (Daigo is here!). Saturday’s pools have shown a few surprises, many close matches and also a lot of expected results across all the fighting games played on the day.

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