Imagining Mortal Kombat With Post-Apocalyptic Characters

On artist Sergey Svistunov‘s Mortal Kombat art, Kabal and Shao Kahn (with Sub Zero hands) look like members of a vicious, post-apocalyptic gang from Mad Max, and not characters of a game with mystic realms and gods.

Oh Boy, A New Nausicaa Game (Well, It's Close Enough)

The developers of Aegis Defenders describe it as a “16-bit tactical platformer”. It’s also a game that owes a lot of its gorgeous art style to the films of Studio Ghibli, Nausicaa in particular.

And The Most Unexpected Launch In Kerbal Space Program History Award Goes To...

Dayshot: And the most unexpected launch in Kerbal Space Program history award goes to… Space_Scumbag. No rocket launches when Gypsy Danger is around.

My, What Big Doors You Have

Raphael Lübke is lead concept artist at Nordic Games, the guys who now own the rights to everything from Darksiders to Red Faction.

Um, That's Not Dark Link, Racist Old Zelda Dude

What starts (and continues) with a predictable race joke actually gets pretty good near the end. I’d never thought of Ganon that way. Poor kid. *sniff*

New Information On PlayStation Now Comes To Light...

PlayStation Now, Sony’s streaming/renting service for games (well, some games), is moving into open beta. A word on prices: they’re kinda ridiculous, though Sony says ” you will start seeing reduced pricing on some 4-hour rentals” in “a few weeks”.

Oh, Crap, Zombies On Motorcycles

Zombies on motorcycles? Yep, zombies on motorcycles.

Stupidly Expensive Tables Are A Board Gamer's Fantasy

If current trends continue, there’ll soon come a time when I play more card/board games than video games. And when that time comes, I hope to be playing on something as extravagant as this.

Fan Creates An Awesome Guild Wars 2 Mega-Trailer

Carl, who sent us the tip about the trailer, called this “the most incredible Guild Wars 2 video [he's] ever seen.” Well, I can see where he’s coming from.