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Check Out This Dramatic Reading From Destiny

Video: Earlier this week I recapped my favourite story from Destiny‘s buried Grimoire lore. If you liked the tale of Thorn and The Last Word, check out this dramatic reading by Ghosts and Echoes.

This Should Be Familiar If You've Watched Any School Anime

Dayshot: This should be familiar if you’ve watched basically any school anime, ever. It’s an Unreal Engine 4 scene done by environment/prop artist Jason Wesner, who used both real-life and anime references while working on the project. The HD shots are below, along with a flythrough video that shows off the map really well.

League Of Legends Bug Doesn't Let Champion Stop Being A Bird

“Sometimes I swear that bird is just showing off,” Quinn will often say in League of Legends. I don’t think she meant it like this.

Asus GX700 Water-Cooled Laptop is Delightfully Crazy

We’ve already seen a stack of cooling tech engineered into Acer’s new Predator laptops this week at IFA in Berlin. But water-cooling? Holy crap. Besides previewing the world’s first water-cooled laptop, Asus also unveiled heaps of new Republic of Gamers (ROG) gear — laptops, an ultra-wide curved G-Sync monitor, graphic cards, headsets and more.

Goku Kicking Everybody's Arse In Street Fighter II

Who do you think would win in a fight: Goku or Ryu? What about Goku versus Chun-Li? Or against Guile?

Fine Art: I Don't Remember These Cute Moth Guys In Destiny...

Daniel Chavez is an artist who has worked at companies like Bungie, Blizzard and Kojima Productions. He’s currently at Halo developers 343 Industries.

LEGO Jokerland Is The Coolest DC Comics Set Yet

My recent holiday was largely a 30-day journey through my own personal LEGO paradise, culminating in a harrowing trip through my favourite DC Comics set released so far — Jokerland.

Free Games Friday: ICONIKA, A Mechanical Story, Imperia Online

The weekend’s almost here, so you have time to relax and check out a free game (or three) on your smartphone. Here are the highlights from the last week.

Homeworld's Giant Battlecruiser, Remade With LEGO

The Vaygr Battlecruiser, the super capital ship from the classic strategy game Homeworld now has an amazing LEGO version, thanks to One More Brick’s Tim Schwalfenberg.

Ace Attorney 6 Sounds Rather Unusual

Announced by Capcom, the newest numbered chapter to the Ace Attorney series takes our favourite lawyer, Phoenix Wright, to a land where there are no defence attorneys and the courtrooms have magic mirrors.

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