Id Software Lives Dangerously, Decides To Change Classic Quake

Quake Live is a free-to-play variant of Quake III Arena, a legendary arena shooter released more than a decade ago. Fans, then, were furious when they found out major gameplay changes would be coming in a new update. They demanded answers. Now id has given them.

Star Wars Armada Is Threatening To Steal What Little Spare Time And Money I Have Left

Video: Star Wars Armada is threatening to steal what little spare time and money I have left. If you’re as interested in seeing how it actually plays as I am, check out this vid BolS shot at GENCON.

Sadly, The 'Real' Ashlands Of Vvardenfell Never Quite Looked So Pretty

Dayshot: At least not in-game in Morrowind. Ogilac’s “Ashland” shows us what the Red Mountain and its surroundings might look like when the place isn’t covered in ash storms — it’s quite the visual treat. Shoot down those cliff racers and it’s perfect.

Mario, Board Games, Beer...Deep Space Looks Like Fun

Devon Fay is an environment artist who has worked at Blizzard, Neversoft and Infinity Ward.

Dick Smith Deals Of The Week

Sure, there’s some great gadget discounts for Father’s Day in this week’s list — but at these prices, you’d be forgiven for picking up a little something for yourself. Up to 50% off Logitech G Series gaming peripherals, $50 off iPads over $500 and more…

Most Pics In IKEA Catalogues Aren't Photos, They're 3D Renders

Swedish furniture behemoth IKEA has very nice, very large catalogues that I had thought contained hundreds of very staged, very nice photos. Turns out that assumption was only half right.

App Deals: Discounted iOS iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone Apps

Today’s best deals include Swype Keyboard on Android, Oscura Second Shadow on iOS, and Facebook Lite Pro on Windows Phone. Deals end without warning, so be quick!

Fully Functional Lego Band Plays Depeche Mode

Sorry, music industry. We’re replacing you with a bunch of small plastic robots with cups for hands.

Internet Prank Goes Too Far, Sends Schools Into Lockdown

“Swatting” is a “prank” that involves calling the police on Twitch streamers for bogus crimes. They get arrested mid-stream, one (anonymous) person in the whole damn world has a good laugh, and nobody else wins. This time it got way out of hand.

A Major Amendment Was Just Made To The Australian Classification Act

Starting from today, video game classification in Australia just took a major step forward.