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Independence Day Resurgence's Unlikely Japanese Partner: Gundam Unicorn

Turns out that the Independence Day sequel forgot to bring the heart alongside its lovely explosions. If only it had decided to bring some giant goddamn robots to replace it with instead.

One Of Comics' Best New Writers Talks About What It's Like To Fight Terrorists And Write Batman

Tom King says that a lifetime of reading superhero comics helped him get ready to work for the CIA. And working for the CIA, in its own way, got him ready to write Batman.

Overwatch's Torbjörn Is Getting A Nerf On Consoles

Jason and I aren’t the only ones complaining that Overwatch‘s turret-builder Torbjörn is frustratingly overpowered. Today, Blizzard’s Jeff Kaplan told players that the bearded fellow’s annoying turrets will soon be getting a significant damage nerf on consoles.

What Would Get You Excited About A New Sonic The Hedgehog Game? 

There’s a brand-new Sonic the Hedgehog game coming in 2017, with a reveal planned at a special event in San Diego next month. What could Sega show on July 22 that would get you excited about Sonic’s next outing?

Thimbleweed Park Looks Like A Worthy Successor To Old Adventure Games

Did you grow up with games like Monkey Island? Does the name Fred Edison conjure fond memories? Do you often wonder whether Zak McKracken was underrated or just not very good? Thimbleweed Park is probably the video game for you.

I Would Never Stop Playing A Co-Op Version Of The First Resident Evil

I remember playing Resident Evil on the original PlayStation and thinking “Boy, this should totally have co-op.” This somewhat came to pass with Resident Evil 5, but part of me still yearns to share my master of unlocking stories with another person. Lo and behold, someone is giving it a crack.

John Carmack's Next Technological VR Conquest Is... Letters?

It’s easy to focus on all the fancy stuff virtual reality tech needs — powerful GPUs, high-quality displays and elegant controls. But what about the basic requirements, like a typeface that doesn’t make your eyes bleed or stomach turn? Never fear, 3D virtuoso John Carmack is on the case.

This Week In The Business: Kids And Their Cash

“It’s six figures of big money showered upon teenage boys, what can possibly go wrong?” — Peter Moore, head of EA’s competitive gaming division, discussing the publisher’s approach to EA Sports, which includes helping pro players properly handle their winnings.

Independence Day: Resurgence Is Worse Than Bad, It's Boring

Independence Day is big, dumb and full of heart. The special effects may look a little hokey in 2016, but that’s to be expected. It’s disaster porn, but hey, it’s damn good disaster porn. The sequel, unfortunately, is a turd.

Inside The History Of Mother 3

The past few weeks have been a lil’ busy, but Worth Reading, our collection of the best games writing around, has returned. Let’s start off with a close examination of a beloved RPG that’s never gotten an official release.

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