Today in Anaheim, California is the third annual PlayStation Experience, an event for all things PlayStation, including panel discussions, news about upcoming games and even a Street Fighter V world championship tournament. Here's the keynote!


Jason Rohrer, creator of experimental games like Passage and, most recently, a satanic gambling game that people have won as much as $US6000 ($8106) from, has a new project. It's a multiplayer survival game about living life in an hour. Also, other players are your parents, and you cooperate across generations to take civilisation from sticks and stones to iPhones. Warning: NSFW if your work disapproves of goofy cartoon nudity or magical poof cloud birthings.


Famed animator Hideaki Anno is one of the founders of Gainax, the studio behind the iconic Neon Genesis Evangelion. His latest studio, Khara, filed suit for over 100 million yen ($1,181,459) it claims Gainax owes.


When it comes to keeping players busy, Grinding Gear's Path of Exile has its fans well covered. The proof is, clearly, in the blood-drenched pudding, with the developer recently pushing out its 2.5.0 Content Update and Breach expansion. Along with more monsters, items and locations, the patch includes and new 64-bit, DirectX 11-enabled client.