Wednesday, October 31, 2007
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Is It True That America Made Halloween Lame?

To: Crecente From: Ashcraft RE: Fund Raiser

Dagnabit! If you moved the fund raiser (and by a few, I mean a week), I could conceivably come! Sounds like it will be a good time, and it’s fantastic that you’ll be coordinating it with Joel’s fund raiser. Oh, so next month, we are going to have some kick arse contests. Can’t wait to unveil them to the readers!

Was talking to Mark Wilson earlier today, and he mentioned that Halloween is only two hours or something. It was a brief conversation, so it sounded like there was an imposed curfew or something. Like one that lasts between 4pm and 6pm? Is this just where Mark lives or is it true for the rest of the country? ‘Cause I have many happy memories of staying out pretty late as a kid on Halloween. It would suck of Halloween was now an afternoon dealio.

What you missed last night MGS4 Delayed Tetris creator is getting money Halo 3 shit talkers Smash Bros. Level Building begins now!

On Uncharted Sequels, DLC And PS3 Goodness

Opposable Thumbs sat down for tea and biscuits with Christophe Balestra, co-President of Naughty Dog, ostensibly to chat about the super-great-looking Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. And chat they did, Balestra trotting out some familiar sentiments when it comes to PS3 exclusives: In terms of Blu-Ray, we just couldn’t have made Uncharted without it; with Uncharted we have almost filled it (91 percent). We’re also using the hard drive to pre-cache data from the Blu-Ray disc. That allows us to stream up to 12 streams for sound, load level data super fast and more importantly to stream textures constantly to guarantee high-res quality on the screen.

91% seems such an odd number. Why not just whack in some HD cutscenes, fill the thing, eh? Balestra also divulges a little on future plans for Uncharted, suggesting it’s but the first game in a franchise, and that the game’s trophy (ie achievements) system will later be incorporated into Home. Getting technical with Naughty Dog co-president Christophe Balestra [Opposable Thumbs]

Blame Halo 3

Halo 3 is a good time. So is this video that’s making the internet rounds. We laughed. Out loud, even.

The Totally Official Trick-or-Treat Bag

This isn’t “kind of” official, it’s totally official. A Halloween goodie bag straight from the Pokémon Center in Osaka! A friend of the family’s dropped this by the house earlier today to give Mini-Bash this Pokémon trick-or-treat bag filled with Pokémon sweets. Neato, huh? More pics after the jump!

That's right, Australia. Bet you never thought ...

That’s right, Australia. Bet you never thought we’d actually see it, but here we are, 1989’s “classic” TMNT arcade game is finally available for 400 points. Go knock yourselves out. A word of warning, though: don’t forget your rose-tinted glasses.

Day Of The Pumpkin!

So. It’s actually Halloween now. Time to celebrate by busting out the truly special pumpkins. Not special as in “damn, this is a fine piece of pumpkin crafting” (though this is still great!), but special as in “thank you, someone thought to carve a Day of the Tentacle Pumpkin”. No, really. Thank you, Nert.

Japan's Biggest Jubblie Mouse Pad

Computer erotic games getting jubblie mousepads is nothing new. Then again, ero title Voluptuous Women Doctor Enjoy (NSFW) is getting just any old mouse pad, but a rather “real” reproduction of character Mizuki Onda’s ample ampleness. This particular pad is a thirty percent size increase over other boob pads, making this this the most busty erotic gaming mouse pad on the market. It makes the other mouse pads feel bad about themselves! It goes on sale this December for ¥4,995 ($US 44). Extremely embarrassing NSFW pics after the jump. You’ve been warned!

Nothing Says Halloween Like New Uncharted Trailer

Is this a great trailer or is this a great trailer? We’re super excited about Uncharted, and the fact the game has gone gold makes us even more so. And that music is pretty great, too. No, it’s actually really great.


Happy Halloween, everyone! That celebrates it, that is. We don’t down here, but hey, it’s hard to avoid getting into the spirit of things. As a Halloween treat, then, we present this, the centrepiece of our magnificent pre-Halloween pumpkin extravaganza: Andy’s Zelda pumpkins. We could have just posted the pics, but hey, this day’s all about scary things. So watch the vid instead.

Kim Jong Il Reviews Call Of Duty 4

One star? That’s a brutal review score, Kim. CoD4 fans will not be happy, especially since you gave your import copy of Sega Ages Vol. 31 a four. Expect a furious online petition from CoD fanboys any day now, “benevolent” leader.

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