Friday, February 29, 2008
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BattleStations: Midway Gets Sequel

Last year’s Battlestations: Midway was a great idea! Letting you jump from ship to plane to submarine in a battle is every History Channel junkie’s dream. It’s just a shame the execution couldn’t quite match the idea. Oh well! It sold well enough, and had enough potential, that Eidos are taking another crack at it, announcing today the game’s sequel, Battlestations: Pacific. It’s largely the same deal, though interestingly it’s also letting you take control of the Japanese forces, with two single-player campaigns on offer, one for each side (the first game only had a US campaign). Virtually distasteful kamikaze, anyone? Eidos reassumes Battlestations [GameSpot]

Leipzig Might (*Might*) Still Go Ahead in 2009

Well, somebody doesn’t know when they’re beat. Despite the announcement of a new major international games show in 2009, which is backed by the German industry and will be held in the city of Cologne, the organisers of the Leipzig Games Convention just don’t know how to quit. A Leipzig spokesperson has told steht die Games Convention 2009 weiterhin im Kalender (For now, the 2009 Games Convention is still on the calendar).

Defiant! Though to be fair, they say they’ll be taking a longer look at the show’s survival prospects after speaking with publishers at this year’s show, where they’ll no doubt be told thanks, really, it’s been a great seven years. Leipziger Messe: Games Convention 2009 vorerst noch weiter eingeplant []

The Japanese HD DVD Shrine

With retailers slashing Xbox 360 HD DVD Player prices, now is a good time to pick one up! (Thinking of doing that myself.) But what about those who paid full price? They must be kinda bummed out. Or worse yet, those who paid full price for a lot of HD DVD stuff. Those like this poor bastard. Why Me [Danny Choo]

MGS1 Will Not Be A PS2 Port

Back. It. Up. Yesterday, Konami’s American PR said that the version of Metal Gear Solid 1 included in the upcoming Metal Gear compendium would be shipping on a PS2 disc. Turns out that was a load of rubbish. The game will be shipping on two PS1 discs, just like it always has. Kojima Productions producer Ryan Payton tells us: This is totally false and I want to make sure everybody is clear that the MGS1 package is two PS1 CDs.

Consider yourselves not just corrected, but correctly informed. Metal Gear Solid Not A PS2 Port [GameAlmighty]

Pikachu Zapped With 10,000 Volt Electricity

Cruel, fitting or just plain awesome? YOU DECIDE.

SingStore Updates Continue To Suck

Oh, PS3 SingStar, how are you managing to blow such a sure thing? Since the game’s launch late last year it’s been a shell of an experience, with a crummy, limited tracklist making it a poor relation to the PS2’s varied and expansive libraries. In an effort to remedy this, Sony have been trying a little harder to update the game’s online SingStore recently, and will on March 7 continue this with a massive update, featuring 67 “new” songs. I say “new”, though, because they’re not new at all: most (might even be all) songs are already featured on the PS2 versions of the game.

Pity, that. Was really hoping for something new, and if not new, then at least varied. Ah well. Better luck next time, eh Sony?

EA Aren't The Only Ones Trying To Buy Take-Two

Why, Take-Two, you hussy! Here EA were, thinking they were the only ones vying for your affections, when from out of nowhere, you reveal that EA aren’t the only ones. There are others. Scandalous! Take-Two aren’t revealing just who these others are, however, and won’t unless they are “legally required to do so”. All they are saying is that there are others, and that at the moment, they’re no more than “informal indications of interest in a business combination.” Which may be true, I don’t know, but from here that all sounds like a convenient way to drive EA’s offering price up by a few bucks. Take-Two Reports Other Buyout Offers [AP][Pic]

US/Europe Metal Gear Solid 4 Won't Have Japanese Track

In the latest Kojima Productions Report podcast, producer Ryan Payton announces that MGS4 won’t have voice over tracks for other languages. Says Payton: Unfortunately because of disc space, we don’t have the space to include other languages, other voice over files for the respective versions. So the Japanese version’s not gonna have English VO, and the North American and European versions won’t have Japanese VO.

He does go on to state the voice over work in MGS4 is the best it’s ever been. Kojima Pro’s Aki Saito chimes in, saying they could’ve delayed the game to shoehorn that VO work in. But hey, the PS3 is region-free if you really, really want to hear the Japanese VO. Sounds like MGS4 is pushing the boundaries of Blu-ray space. Session 081 [Kojima Productions Thanks, spookymulder!]

Patapon Winners (Yes, You Can Hate Me)

Whew! Our Patapon contest is so over. We didn’t plan for this one to be tricky, we wanted it to be easy! But, apparently, we are tricky bastards. A buncha entries we got only answered one question — the first one. Not much of a scavenger hunt if there’s only one question, don’t cha think? Reading comprehension is so important. Too bad more folks didn’t read the Totoro post! What’s more, too bad some people gave SEVERAL ANSWERS to number seven. The four folks who hit all the high notes and got everything right are: nolifedopestar, Paul M., Pat O., sander_dutch

Hit the jump for the right answers and the bitter hate. Mmmmm, hate. Delicious!

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