Monday, March 31, 2008
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Gears Of War Movie Gets Director, 2010 Release

Wyck Godfrey, producer of the probably-upcoming Gears of War, has told ComingSoon that progress on the movie’s coming along nicely. They’ve even got some key personnel onboard, with a director they’re “about to attach” and a tentative release date of Summer 2010. Yikes! That’s the future. Now, to wonder who that director is… Gears of War Movie Update [ComingSoon]

Beards for Boobs

With all this talk about pirates and ninjas, vikings often get overlooked. Too bad, because vikings have a lot to offer. Amazing beards, for example. A shame high-brow British men’s lifestyle magazine FRONT focused more on boots and boobs instead of beards. (Missed opportunity, folks!) Model Kitty Lea hacks her way though Viking: Battle For Asgard in a bikini. She must be cold. We are worried.

The Mario Kart Wheel's $US 15? What?

You buy Mario Kart Wii, you get one plastic wheel. That should be enough. If you’ve got friends over who break into a rash when clutching a GameCube controller, though, I guess you could get another. How much is that going to cost you, though? If GameStop are on the money (see flyer above), you’ll be looking at $US 15, which for a hollow piece of plastic is not merely taking the piss, it’s buying the piss wholesale and reselling it for a profit. This is unconfirmed by Nintendo, and has since been taken down from GameStop’s site, but the full flyer’s after the jump regardless.

British Press Offering Cash For Lies About Gaming Crime

Gaming-related violence and crime have been big subjects in Britain over the past year or so, but never so big as now, in the immediate wake of the Byron Review. So if you’re currently in the business of selling papers in Britain, what better way to sell papers than to get someone to completely fabricate a story about games turning them to a life of crime! A listing on British industry site StarNow – a job posting site for actors, musicians, etc – turned up late last week saying “a national newspaper wants your story and will pay hundreds of pounds to the right person”. What does this “story” involve?

Sony More Attractive Stock Than Nintendo (Says Some Poll)

Okay! Before we start, this data is from a poll. Meaning? It’s the opinion of some people, and not everyone. So, don’t read anymore into this than necessary. In late February and early March, research group DIMSDRIVE polled over 7,000 Japanese folks via a private internet-based questionnaire about what stocks one would buy if one had cash to invest. The top most popular five?

That, after the jump.

Mario Lunch Causes Admiration, Hunger Pangs

Don’t get me wrong. Pokemon bento’s cute. Cute as hell. But also too small! I’m no kid, I’ve got a grown-up sized hunger, so I can’t have just one serving, I need nine. And nothing Pokemon-related, thanks, I prefer my bento to come Mushroom Kingdom-flavoured. Yes, that also means ham-wrapped asparagus. ゆきんこママの幼稚園弁当[via technabob]

The Otaku Queen And The Most Explicit, NSFW Bean

When not hosting Pokémon cartoons, otaku queen Shoko Nakagawa enjoys the simple things like playing Final Fantasy VII, putting catheads in her mouth and cosplay. Some of her previously cosplays, like Super Robot Taisen, have been quite amazing. Spectacular, even. Her recent bean (yes, bean as in, you know, a bean) cosplay has left us speechless. It might sound innocuous, but it is totally MAXIMUM RISKY. Might be not safe for work, even! Pic after the jump. You’ve been warned. Enjoy.

Capcom Buys Tenchu Devs

Capcom announced over the weekend that they’ve bought K2 Studios, best known for their work on the more recent, more rubbish Tenchu games, as well as Valhalla Knights . That’s probably not the reason for the purchase, though: K2 also did some outsource work for Capcom on Lost Planet, and are also helping SNK with the latest Samurai Shodown. The move’s aimed at making Capcom’s “game development activities more efficient and speedy”, while “Capcom also believes that pursuing a business strategy based on closer ties with K2 will help increase the value of the entire Capcom Group”. And hey, who are we to argue. K2 To Become Wholly Owned Subsidiary Through Simple Exchange of Stock [Capcom]

Chinese Wii Rip-Off Localised For... Japan?

Remember the Vii? Surely, it’s burned somewhere into the back of your brain. The Chinese Wii rip-off has gotten a Japanese localisation called V-Sports. We’re pretty sure the Vii isn’t text heavy, so localising it was a cake walk. This release does mean more Japanese people can point and laugh at it, too! The console is retailing for ¥7,980 ($US 79). That’s not very funny at all. Then again, never is the current dollar-yen exchange rate.

Hit the jump for Vii-chan.

Midna Cosplay Takes The Cosplay Cake

The 2007 Anime Expo at Long Beach was held last year. Why, then, has it taken until now for this amazing Midna cosplay photo to end up on my desk? You know what, forget it, I don’t want to hear your pathetic excuses. Do not fail me again, internet. Click through for a full-size version.

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