Friday, October 31, 2008
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Saluting Fallout 3's Beards

I’m a vain man. Normally, when I play a game that makes use of character creation, I forgo the chance to craft a completely fictional human being in favour of replicating my own mug shot. Which normally leads to problems. See, I have a beard. And not some wispy chinstrap beard, either. A beard. And games, games just don’t do beards. If they give you the option of using one on a custom character at all, normally you’re choosing from an awful selection of mid-90s goatees and metrosexual moustaches, and/or the resulting “beard” is nothing but a paint texture applied to your character’s face.

Let's Check One Store For DSi Launch Lines

It’s Halloween night in Osaka, and most people DO NOT CARE. That’s not all, it’s the eve of the DSi launch in Osaka, and likewise, most people DO NOT CARE. That is an overstatement. People do care, and the product will probably be successful. But here I am, standing in front of Umeda’s Yodobashi Camera at the exit where tons of people lined up years back for DS Lite launch. This pic was taken at 9:00pm Japan time and as one can see, there’s no line!

Mai Shiranui Ravaged

Joining fellow SNK character Iroha from Samurai Shodown, Mai Shiranui is the latest game female to appear in the Queen’s Gate art books. Fully licensed by SNK, the book is illustrated by Mahiru Izumi. Queen’s Gate is a spin-off of Queen’s Blade, which is a Lost Worlds style “combat picture book game.”

DSi Will Be Out In US, Europe No Later Than Summer 2009

The DSi is out in Japan real soon. But as far as the US and Europe are concerned? Nintendo Europe say “Spring 2009”, Nintendo of America say “late 2009”. But what about Nintendo Japan? They’re the boss, what do they say? Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata says this:

How The DS And Wii Are Doing Sales-Wise

Hardware needs hard numbers. We’ve got ’em. Nintendo’s released figures for Nintendo DS and Wii hardware unit sales during the period starting April 4, 2008 and ending September 8, 2008. Let’s have a look:

Team Working On 'Ultra-Real' Spielberg Game Laid Off

No one is safe from this horrid economy, not even Steven Spielberg. Wait, strike that. No one is safe from this horrid economy, not even people who work for Steven Spielberg. In the wake of those EA layoffs, game site VG247 rumours that the team working on the “ultra-real” Spielberg game has been dismissed.

Casual Devs Agree: Apple Great, Sony Nintendo Not As Great

There’s a casual games forum going on in London. It’s called the Casual Games Forum. And there, a bunch of casual developers have got together, and one of the issues that’s come up has been the iPhone. And how great working with Apple is. And how much greater it is working with Apple than with other platform holders. Like Nintendo or Sony.

That PSP-3000 Screen Issue Explained!

The smarty pants at French language website Logic Sunrise got out its 40X microscope in hopes of seeing what exactly was causing the PSP-3000’s interlacing issues. The problem, it seems, is that the pixels are arranged horizontally, and the blue pixels are much darker on the PSP-3000. Meaning? Those Logic Sunrise people should get a job at Sony or something, and this seems to be a hardware problem. No wonder the company has “no plans” to fix this.

Belgium Cracks Down On...Game Rentals

In June, the Belgian Entertainment Association (representing game publishers, of course) managed to convince Belgian authorities to outlaw game rentals. On the grounds that renting games made a sizeable dent in game sales. Part of that deal was that, from June, video stores couldn’t buy any new games to rent out, but could keep on renting out the ones they had until December. Well, with December approaching, Belgian paper De Standaard has confirmed that, come December 1, Belgians won’t be able to rent video games. At all. Bet the publishers are happy with that one! Pity about the, you know. Gamers.

Which DS And Wii Games Have Been Selling? Let Us Tell You

Quick, what was the biggest selling DS game for the period starting April 4, 2008 and ending September 8, 2008? What about Wii games? Quick, quick, quick. If you know, pat yourself on the back. If not, check out the data Nintendo’s released:

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