Friday, October 17, 2008
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Resident Evil Zombies, You've Changed Man, You've Changed

Ah, a trip down memory lane, filled with the walking dead. Here’s a look at how zombies have changed over the years in the Resident Evil series. Gameplay’s changed, too!

Konami Boob Shooter Gets New Release Date

After a false start, Konami’s boob shoot ’em up Otomedius Gorgeous! for Xbox 360 is getting a (hopefully) final release date: November 20th in Japan. The game was supposed to be out September 25th, but Konami said it held the game back “to eradicate bugs and improve the quality even more.” Be sure to check out our boob shootin’ impressions, complete with boob shootin’.

Xbox 360『オトメディウスG(ゴージャス!)』の発売日が2008年11月20日に決定 [Famitsu]

More (Licensed) Tracks Ravi Can Drum Like A Madman To...

Here are more Wii Music tunes that Ravi can drum to — licensed tunes. The tunes that we previously posted were either public property or straight up Nitnendo tunes. The music noodling game has been released in Japan and will out in North America next week. PAL countries will have to wait until November. While Nintendo hasn’t announced the full track list, hit the jump for a list of 14 licensed songs that are in Wii Music.

First Guitar Hero Metallica Trailer?

Look. Before we go any further. I know. There’s zero gameplay footage, there’s zero announcements (because we knew the product itself was coming in 2009), and with no gameplay and a s-s-s-haky cam, there’s always the chance it’s a fake. But you know what? As a community service to anyone who is still a Metallica fan, here you go. This trailer is apparently bundled with Guitar Hero: World Tour, and comes complete with corny “Ride the Lightning” tag line.

[thanks everyone who sent this in!]

Is Microsoft Making It Harder For Small Developers?

We’ve heard from industry insiders that Microsoft US is increasing the minimum limit of games which need to be produced for each Xbox 360 game to 50,000 units. This will enable Microsoft to claim that for every Xbox 360 game released in the US the company will apparently make US$300,000. In Japan, the minimum amount required of an Xbox 360 game is supposedly 6,000 units.

What does that mean? Smaller Japanese developers, who seem to have warmed up to the Xbox 360 of late, that might have been tempted to develop for the Xbox 360 for the first time due to PSP/DS piracy problems and could shift their attentions to other platforms like cell phones. The reason being that those smaller developer would have a difficult time bringing niche titles to a US market at the newly imposed minimum limit. The other bad thing is that this Microsoft US requirement means small studios won’t be able take chances on risky game titles or ideas.

Pro Evo 2009 Already Getting Major Update

Pro Evo’s been out for, what, a day or two? Least, it has in Europe. And already, it’s getting an update. A major update at that. Due to be available for download in “about three weeks”, the update will introduce correct licensing for Spanish clubs Athletico Madrid, Sevilla, Racing Santander and Valladolid, while many other teams will receive the correct rosters and playing strips. Controls have also been tweaked, allowing special moves to be performed more easily, and a replay sharing feature has also been added. Good to see Konami are devoted to keeping the game in tip-top shape, but you can’t help but wonder whether this is them hitting the big red PANIC button after rival FIFA’s critical resurgence.

New licenses coming in PES update [CVG]

A Mega Man Costume To Dominate Halloween

Got kids? Better brush up on their costumes, because if they run into this kid, they’re gonna look impoverished. Dad Kevin kitted his boy out with this amazing Mega Man costume, which is not only to scale (and comfortably fuzzy), but it lights up. It lights up. No “pew pew” noises included, but then when you’re a kid with a Mega Buster strapped to your arm, we’re you can manage that on your own.

craineum’s blog [Dtoid, via Gizmodo]

First Official SCIV Yoda/Darth Vader Fighting Screens

You’re surprised? Please, don’t be. When Namco Bandai released the multi-platform Soulcalibur IV, the PS3 got Darth Vader and the Xbox 360 got Yoda. Now you can get both thanks to the magic of DLC and capitalism. Ah, bless capitalism. It’s made it not only possible for Vader and Yoda to fight each other, but for them for battle women with ridiculously large swords.

Starting October 23rd in Japan, Yoda will be available as PS3 DLC for ¥600 (US$5.93), and Vader will go for 400 Microsoft Points. Check out the gallery below. galleryPost('yodavader', 3, 'Stars'); ベイダー対ヨーダがついに実現! 『SC IV』のDLCは23日配信 [Dengeki Online]

World Of Warcraft Movie Isn't Dead

It’s been years since we first heard of Blizzard’s plans to make a movie out of WoW. In that time a bunch of game movies have come, disappointed and faded away, and still we have no WoW movie. So what’s the deal? Has it been Starcraft Ghosted? Nope. Turns out the project’s just been moving along at a snail’s pace, Blizzard boss Mike Morhaime saying “there are still plans for a World of Warcraft movie…the script is being written but if they say anything more than that they will be shot”. Being Blizzard, we kinda hope they go the CGI route. Imagine a 97-minute Blizzard cutscene!

World of Warcraft movie update [Moviehole, via 1UP]

Gamers, Gabe Newell Thinks You Are Smart

Some game publishers don’t give gamers enough credit. They try to pull the wool over our eyes like we’re a bunch of dummies. We’re not dummies! Gamers are smart, damn smart. Just ask Valve’s Gabe Newell:

It seems by and large that gamers are incredibly smart; the average gamer seems to know more about what makes a good game than the average person at a publisher.

When Gabe Newell’s right, Gabe Newell’s right.

Gabe Newell: Gamers Smarter Than Publishers [Ripten via Dtoid][Pic]

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