Sunday, November 30, 2008
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Requiem for a Console

A gamer’s fourth Xbox 360 red-ringed, and a veritable who’s-who of consoles turned out to pay their respects and show their anguish that so many are dying so young, and so senselessly.

Tiggerboy, who keeps a blog on the UK GameSpot, brought in all the hardware dignitaries to bid the 360 goodbye. You can see the 360 packaged in his foam coffin (aka the Peter Moore Catafalque), ready to to be ferried by the Boatman of the Dead Consoles (aka the UPS guy) on his way back to Microsoft, where his remains will become part of the circle of console life. There’s a gallery of the proceedings on the jump, including an astonishing, last-minute appearance by a disowned relative that will leave you heaving up great sobs.

Outgrowing Games: The Rebuttal and Challenge

A few weeks ago, designer Brice Morrison talked about how a game designer outgrew games; since kicking off a flurry of discussion, he’s returned to GameSetWatch with some in-depth answers to common questions and a challenge.

Good Games That'll Work on Your Relatives' Crappy PC

Visiting family for the holidays? You know what an antisocial faux-pas it is to bring along a console, and if you’re a PC gamer, hell if you’re dragging along that rig.

NBA Teams Scout and Evaluate Talent Using Video Game

Electronic Arts must have been pleased as hell to read, in the Los Angeles Times, that front-office types are using NBA Live 09 to help in making some of their decisions.

Tale of Tales' 'Graveyard' Postmortem

Gamasutra has a fabulous postmortem up — easily one of the best I’ve read — on Tale of Tales’ The Graveyard.

MyPSN Available in Europe; Trophy Support OTW Later

Sony has announced that all accounts in Europe’s PlayStation Network have been updated with a package of new features called MyPSN. It sent word over the official PlayStation forums on its European sites yesterday.

Piggy Banks You Can Play

Gaming…banks? Saving money is a game, so hey, why not. There’s an article I wrote in the latest issue of Wired about Japanese piggy banks that incorporate gaming elements.

The Jinsei Bank (“Life” Bank), Ikemen Bank (“Cool Guy” Bank) and BANKQUEST. The neat thing about doing the piece is that I actually “played” through all the banks. Had to get a huge stack of bills changed — “Jinsei Bank” can hold about a thousand bucks!

Be sure to click through the gallery to get the blow-by-blow gameplay account.

This Little Piggy Bank Became a Videogame [Wired]

What's The Difference Between PS3 And Xbox 360 Versions? Ladies Underwear

“Soul Breed” strategy/embarrassing food eating RPG Record of Agarest War first hit the PS3 last fall. Now, it’s got the inevitable Xbox 360 version. There are differences, it seems, big differences.

Japan Starts Its Holiday Hardware Buying Frenzy

Nintendo DSi sales are still HOT in Japan, with the camera-equipped revision moving another 88,000-plus units last week. The PSP also got a major shot in the arm, thanks to the latest Gundam release.

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