Wednesday, December 31, 2008
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These Are The 20 Best Street Fighter IV Players In Japan

Street Fighter IV records player’s points totals, as well as their overall win/loss ratio. Which means people can compare their skills from a distance. It also means we can compile “best of” charts!

American Consoles Use Enough Power In A Year To Run San Diego

This year, the National Resources Defence Council took a look at how much power is consumed running America’s gaming consoles. Their findings? That America’s gaming consoles suck up a whole lotta juice.

Pirate Baby's Energy Drink Commercial

Paul Robertson can do no wrong. As evidenced by his latest work, this commercial for Syke, an energy drink that may or may not be real. Way marketing is these days, its hard to tell.

Getting Slayer In GH: Metallica Was Tough, Tough, Tough

Perhaps the most promising thing about Guitar Hero Metallica isn’t Metallica themselves, but the slew of accompanying artists that are also appearing in the game. One of those is Slayer. And getting Slayer was tough.

Square Enix Says Future Unreal Engine Use Will be 'Case-By-Case'

Instead of using an in-house engine Square Enix used the Unreal Engine for The Last Remnant. This was a first for the company, and how was that?

Kotaku AU: Games Of The Year - #5

And at number five in my personal top ten for 2008, it’s… a match-3 puzzle game?!

This Was The First Zelda-Free Year In a Decade

Feeling left out by Nintendo’s mad dash for cash, but can’t quite work out why? How about this: 2008 will be the first year in a decade that a new Zelda game wasn’t released.

Who's Asking If Games Are Art Now?

The London Review of Books! John Lanchester questions whether the medium is “art” for the literary publication, now three decades old, and comes away conflicted, if positive about the present and future of games.

More Like LittleBugPlanet (Sorry, Sorry)

According to some upset posters over on the official LittleBigPlanet forums, the Metal Gear Solid DLC released for the game last week didn’t just bring good times. It brought bad, content-erasing times as well.

GameStop Crime Spree Sweeps Sacramento

We’re not sure what technically quantifies a “spree” but five armed robberies at video game stores in Sacramento, four of them GameStops, makes us think we’ve got a full blown spree on our hands.

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