Saturday, January 31, 2009
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Penny Arcade Survey Offers A Terrifying Glimpse Into Gamer Demographics

For those who did not take part, last week Penny Arcade ran a survey on their site. Asking for details on the site’s readers. Since 38,000 people responded, we find the answers very interesting.

Lost TV Show Goes A Little Bit FPS, A Little Bit Rock N' Roll

We’ve seen it in a sequence in Doom already, but that was a movie about an FPS, so it doesn’t count. This, though – an FPS sequence in the TV show Lost – counts.

Nintendo Has Some New Graphs To Help You Understand Its Success

Nintendo is doing well. The “$17 billion in sales last year” type of well, with more than $2 billion in profit. To help illustrate just how smashingly the company is doing, it generated some charts.

Kyoto Prefecture Still Using DS For English Instruction

Back in 2006, we brought word that middle and high school students in Kyoto Prefecture’s Yawata City were using the DS to study vocab. Now, in 2009, the front page of today’s Yomiuri Shimbun says…

There Is A Fourth, Mysterious Need For Speed Game In Development

EA have hit the big, red reset button on the Need For Speed franchise. As we heard, three new games are coming. No, wait. Seems there are four new games coming.

But Can You Spot The X-Blades Boxart Discrepancy?

Apparently the Xbox 360 and PS3 X-Blades box art are different? NSFW, even, someone somewhere said. We can’t tell, there’s got to be something.

Twenty Minutes With Batman: Arkham Asylum

The first twenty minutes of Batman: Arkham Asylum say a lot about the game: we’ve got the voice cast of the 90s cartoon, action-stealth gameplay and the writer that brought us episodes of Animaniacs and Lost.

Nintendo Shares Fall As Far As They're Allowed To Fall

Some people are beginning to seriously question whether the Wii bubble has burst. They may be right, they may be wrong, either way, investors are listening. And investors seem to be taking it all on board.

Six More Batman: Arkham Asylum Screens

Yesterday we got our hands on a few screens and a trailer for Batman: Arkham Asylum. Today, we got a twenty minute preview and a few more screens.

Sony: Yes, We'll Still Be The Most Expensive Console

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe boss David Reeves isn’t going to cave. He simply will not tell you when the PlayStation 3 will get a price drop. For now, it will remain the most expensive option.

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