Eidos Caught Block-Voting On HYPER Awards


Eidos are understandably fans of their own games, but perhaps they’ve gone a little too far with this public display of affection. Australia’s only multi-format games mag HYPER has called out the smitten publisher for constantly voting for one of its own titles in the publication’s Game Of The Year awards.

This forum post by HYPER deputy editor, Darren Wells, explains all:

ANNOUNCEMENT: Honest votes only, please
The 2008 Game of the Year Awards are off to a solid start, with numerous votes being cast for a wide range of games. Many of you are voting and participating in the spirit in which the awards are offered, and for that we thank you. However, we ask others who are voting in an opposing manner to please rethink their actions.

As an example, we can appreciate a game publisher’s allegiance towards one of its titles, but would prefer it if an account using an “@eidos.co.uk” e-mail address would not vote for one of its own games across a number of different categories.

We realise that such motivations do not apply to the lion’s share of members and participants, but nevertheless, we do need to make it clear that we will not accept such a practice. We would like to see games win honestly, voted for by honest people.

Thank you for your time.

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