Tuesday, March 31, 2009
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Ex-Circuit City Pre-Owned Consoles Include Credit Card Details, Home Porn

Did you offload an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 at Circuit City while the retailer was imploding? If you did, we hope you wiped your personal details from the machine. Because Circuit City didn’t.

So, How Many Copies Does A Wii Game Need To Sell To Make Money?

Nintendo are making money off the Wii. We know. But if you’re not Nintendo, and you’re planning on releasing a Wii game (or re-releasing a PS2 game), how many do you need to sell?

Sony Makes Its Big Announcement, PS2 Priced Under $100

As we posted earlier, Sony told us it was planning a big announcement for Tuesday. Today is Tuesday, and Sony has made its announcement. (Hint, this Target ad already announced it.)

Dreamcast Reborn As A Tablet PC

I’m not normally hot for console mods, as they’re often ugly, pointless or both. But this Dreamcast one catches my eyes because, well, it’s so damn eye-catching.

Capcom Terminates Retirement Benefit System for Execs

Japanese game company Capcom has announced that it has repealed the company’s retirement benefit system for corporate directors and corporate auditors. This was decided at a Board of Directors meeting today.

Ghostbusters Coming To iPhone, James Bond Along For The Ride

Sony Pictures Television want to make money off this while iPhone gaming craze thing. So they’re releasing a number of games based on Sony properties, like Ghostbusters and James Bond.

Xbox 360 Has Sold A Million In Japan, PS3 Sold Three Million

Last week, we broke word that Microsoft would soon reach one million Xbox 360s sold in Japan. By soon, we meant this week, because that’s what has been announced today.

XNA Games Don't Sell, Don't Make Money

Much was made of Microsoft’s attempt at gestating a user-created gaming platform on the 360 with their Community Games service. But six months on from launch, how well is it faring?

'Final Fantasy XIII Uses Nearly 100 Percent of PS3 Power'

Final Fantasy XIII is a multi-platform title. In the West, it’s being released on the PLAYSTATION 3 and Xbox 360. In Japan, it’s not.

Footage Of Sega's Opulent New Arcade Unit

Sega’s Storm-G is a ridiculous machine. Eight cabinets, two players per cabinet, 360-degree cabinet rotation, 185m/ph speeds and a US$6.50 cost. It’s nuts. So let’s take a look at how it works!

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