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Atari Reveals New Fallout 3 "Quest Pack"

Atari isn’t just re-releasing Fallout 3 in Australia. They’re also releasing something called the Fallout 3: Quest Pack 1 in June.

The new Atari Australia release schedule lists the Fallout 3: Quest Pack 1 as going on sale June 4. But what is it?

Of course, Bethesda hasn’t announced a Fallout 3: Quest Pack 1. And when we quizzed Atari this morning, they told us we’d have to wait for the official press release.

So, what do we know:

1. It’s only listed for Xbox 360 and PC, the two formats Bethesda chose to bless with Fallout 3 DLC
2. June 4 is about a month after the 3rd DLC episode (Broken Steel) will be released

Educated guess? The Quest Pack 1 is a retail disc compilation of the three DLC episodes, Operation Anchorage, The Pitt and Broken Steel. Given the DLC price points of 800 Microsoft Points each, we’d also guess the Pack will retail for about $40.

We’ll see how good our guesses are when Atari/Bethesda get round to issuing that official press release.

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