Korean PC Game Rips-Off Team Fortress 2

The name of this game is H.A.V.E. Online. It’s a PC title, and it’s supposed to be released sometime this year. And it looks strangely familiar.

An homage?

Even with the otaku toy twist, the game is a little too close to Team Fortress 2 for some on the Korean internet, where the game is kicking up a mini-controversy.

Check out the trailer comparison shots and wonder to yourself whey they called this game H.A.V.E. and not Toy Fortress Story.

Missed opportunity, that.

팀 포티리스 2 표절 + 오덕화 ‘피규어 TPS’ H.A.V.E 영상·스크린샷 공개 [The World is just awesome]

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