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Sorry Australia, No Excitebots For You

Wii racer Excitebots came out in April in the US. But there’s been no word on a local release. We’ve got some bad news.

The follow-up to Wii launch title ExciteTruck, which exchanged trucks for all kinds of robot animal vehicles, will not be released in Australia.

Speaking exclusively to Kotaku, Nintendo Australia managing director Rose Lappin confirms the no-show:

“At this stage, we won’t bring Excitebots in.”

It appears the reason is twofold: one, lack of interest from local Wii owners and two, poor sales in the US.

“I know there’s a group of people who want it, but at our minimum [stock order]it’s probably too much for us to carry. I know in the US there’s a lot of that stock around,” explains Lappin.

“We’ve got to make that evaluation. We’ve got to try and support our consumers where possible, but unless we can sell the minimum we need to bring in, that makes it very difficult.”

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to matter how silly, charming and highly enjoyable a game is if Nintendo can’t sell it into the retail channel. But she did say “at this stage”, so maybe – just maybe – if enough people call up their local store… someone, somewhere might change their mind.

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