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Gaming Bar To Conquer Sydney, Melbourne, The World

It may have only opened in Brisbane this March, but the Mana Bar – Australia’s first bar dedicated to video games – is about to spread its message of games and booze to the rest of the world.

Mana Bar director Guy “Yug” Blomberg told Delimiter, “After only four months of being open, I can confirm that we will be expanding and opening up Mana Bars in Sydney and Melbourne, as well as internationally.”

Despite being open for less than six months, the Mana Bar’s success hasn’t been a surprise to its owners and expansion had always been part of the grand plan.

“From the sheer amount of effort we’ve had to put in to make this happen, if it wasn’t as least a minor success by now we’d have to severely question the last year of our lives,” Blomberg told Kotaku. “Expanding to other cities is the logical next step for us, there’s been enough people demanding it on our Facebook and Twitter, and realistically the Mana Bar is established enough to justify it.”

No date for the Sydney or Melbourne launches have been set, nor is Blomberg ready to reveal exactly where either bar will be located.

“There are alot of factors involved with opening a bar. One small thing could delay us for a month… much like video game release dates I suppose. At this stage, let’s just keep it to the next few months.

“We’ve put a lot of thought into the locations, and listened to a lot of the feedback from the communities. We have plenty of big exciting plans up our sleeves that we’ll be able to put into play for the new venues. There will be events and promotions we can do specific to each city that promises to make each bar unique.”

And as for world domination?

“We have been in talks with people from around the world ever since we opened, who want a Mana Bar in their countries,” says Blomberg. “I can’t give you too much more information as we’re currently in discussions with lawyers and all that jazz, but needless to say you can expect to see Mana Bar’s in the US, UK and Europe sooner than you think.”

While we wait for more news, those of you in Brisbane can head on down to the Mana Bar tonight for your chance to play PSN brawler SCott Pilgrim Vs. The World at the game’s official Aussie launch.

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