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I Am Guybrush Threepwood, Mighty... Jedi Apprentice?!

LucasArts has revealed a somewhat unexpected addition to the cast of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II, the star of comedic adventure game series Monkey Island. Either some cloning procedure has gone horribly wrong or Guybrush really is that mighty.

“Yes, this is real,” reads the official Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II Facebook page, where this pair of surprising screen shots originates. Real and spectacular, we’d say, even if it’s still unclear exactly how players will access the Guybrush Threepwood skin in LucasArts’ follow-up to the massively successful Star Wars adventure.

We’ve contacted LucasArts to see what’s up. In the meantime, spit-take all you want and keep rubbing your eyes in disbelief, but this is real.

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