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Yes, You Can Still Buy Atari Lynx Games [Updated]

The Atari Lynx handheld is now 21 years old. You might think you can no longer buy new Atari Lynx games in Australia. But you’d be wrong.

Australian games distributor HES looks after a whole stack of gaming related products. They’re the publisher of the just-launched Rugby League Live for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. They supply a huge range of accessories, from Mad Catz controllers to Datel Action Replay to Saitek mouses to all kinds of console cables and handheld cases.

They also, as spotted by an eagle-eyed anonymous reader, sell Atari Lynx games. You can see a few pictured below and you can check out the full list on the HES website.

There’s no price listed and the links to individual game product pages don’t work. But we spoke with an HES rep and were told that, yes, they still have new Lynx games in their warehouse and, yes, they still sell them. Sadly, however, they stopped selling new Lynx hardware a few years ago.

UPDATE: HES has told us they do have some refurbished Lynx III consoles for purchase! Not only that, they have sent through an order form which includes prices for all games (most are $19.95 or $29.95 but a couple are $14.95). You can download the pdf form here and send your purchase order to HES today!

What Lynx games would you recommend picking up?

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