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Play TV hits 100,000 Units - Reduces Price

Play TV, the peripheral from Sony that allows users to watch, record, and pause live TV has been out for less than a year, but a press release from Sony Australia is announcing that they’ve already shifted over 100,000 of them.

“2010 has seen a flood of content consumption choices like we’ve never before experienced in Australia,” said Managing Director Michael Ephraim, “making the selling of 100,000 PlayTV units since late November last year especially significant for PlayStation.”

Despite the fact that Play TV is obviously selling well, Sony has also announced that they’re dropping the price of the peripheral, although modestly, from $169.95 to $149.95. A drop that, according to Ephraim, means that “now more than ever Australians can easily enjoy a games console that is also a complete and value driven home entertainment solution.”

Could it be that Sony’s strategy of trying to create an all-in-one home media device through the PlayStation 3 is gaining traction? The convergence of media is a concept we were cynical about, but Sony’s strong position in the TV market, combined with the increasing sales of the PS3, seem to indicate that something may be clicking.


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