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Protect Your Skull In Total Tron Luxury

The diehard Tron fan who prefers the 1982 aesthetic, rides a motorcycle (or scooter) and has heaps of disposable income should put in their pre-orders for Les Ateliers Ruby’s newest helmet now, lest Tron Guy snap them all up.

True, they’re not cheap. Les Atelier Ruby’s designer helmets run between $US1200 and $US1800, for a SpongeBob Squarepants and Karl Lagerfeld branded brain protector, respectively. But hey, when you’re wearing your posh Tron Legacy inspired outfit from Opening Ceremony and riding your $US35,000 custom made Light Cycle, you’re going to look pretty cool with this on your noggin.

TRON x Les Ateliers Ruby Helmets [Hypebeast]

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