Aussie PSN User Has $2000 Of Unauthorised Charges On His Credit Card

The ABC has just run the story of an Adelaide PSN user whose credit card has been compromised in the wake of the PSN breach. His card has racked up $2000 of debt over the past couple of days.

Rory Spreckley noticed that the charges were preceded by a handful of $1 charges, a technique cyber criminals typically use to test if credit card details check out.

“I logged into my bank account just to check everything was OK and I found out there was some just over $2,000 in charges which I didn’t personally accrue,” claimed Spreckley.

Although we can’t be 100% sure if this is related to Sony’s breach, this is a timely reminder to be vigilant with your details, and contact your bank the second you see any suspicious activity on your account.

Has anyone else had any issues since the PSN breach? Email us here with the details, or drop the info in the comments below.

Hackers run up debt for PlayStation user [ABC]

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