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Australian Gamers: You Have 17 Hours To Pre-Order The Witcher 2...

… At the reasonable, original price of $42.27. According to the Good Old Games Facebook page, on Friday, May 6 at 1500 GMT, will have to increase the price to $62.99 for licensing reasons.

“To all Australian gamers,” reads the statement. “You have 17 hours to preorder The Witcher 2 on for the original price of $42.27 AUD! On Friday, May 6 at 1500 GMT, due to licensing reasons we’re going to adjust the price for Australian market and charge $62.99 AUD for the preorder and $69.99 AUD for the full price. The preorder on isn’t forcing you to pay for the game instantly.”

There has been massive speculation as to the reasons why The Witcher 2 has been removed from Steam, with speculation ranging from classification issues to a retail induced price increase. It turns out that the game has been modified for release in Australia, but apparently that wasn’t the reason for the removal. It could be that licensing issues are to blame, and that the game will also be updated on Steam soon at a similar price.

It’s also important to note that the version of The Witcher 2 on Good Old Games will be the slightly modified version.

We have to give major kudos to Good Old Games for being so open about the process, and giving Australian gamers the chance to purchase the game at a reasonable price. Especially considering that the Good Old Games service is owned by the very same company who develops the Witcher series.

So folks, if you’re planning to pick up The Witcher 2, might as well do in the next 17…wait make that 16 hours.

Thanks to Strange for the heads up.

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