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Dead Or Alive: Dimensions Has Been Reclassified

Dead or Alive: Dimensions, which was pulled from sale in Australia just over a week ago, has now been reclassified.

The game has now been classified with an M rating.

Dead or Alive: Dimensions was initially sent in for classification by THQ, before distribution duties were taken over by Nintendo themselves. After the media uproar concerning the game’s initial classification, the game was pulled from sale and sent back in for reclassification.

Initial reports from vendors stated that Nintendo was seeking an MA15+ rating, a claim which Nintendo later denied, but representatives from Nintendo were apparently happy to send the game back in for reclassification, and quick to distance themselves from the mistakes made by the initial distributor THQ.

The new classification is M, with added consumer advice stating that the game features “violence and sexualised gameplay”.

As of now, retailers are yet to have been notified, with EB still under strict orders not to sell the game. Hopefully that situation will change over the coming days.

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