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Nintendo Believe That Media Reports Alerted The Classification Board

We’ve just gotten off the phone with a second Nintendo representative who informed us that, despite what retailers have been told, Nintendo are not seeking out an MA15 rating specifically. We’ve also been informed that it appears as though the media storm concerning Dead or Alive Dimensions and its photography mode was what alerted the Classification Board.

Nintendo also re-confirmed that when it first decided to distribute the game, Dead or Alive Dimensions had already been classified PG, after THQ, the initial distributor, had sent the game in for classification.

“We have a really good relationship with the ACB,” the rep claimed, “when we decided to distribute the game, it had already been classified PG, and we took it on good faith that it was accurate rating.

The rep added that Nintendo had no problems with getting the game reclassified.

“We’re absolutely fine with the situation. And we’re happy to provide the ACB with whatever they need.”

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