The Mouse Controller For The Xbox 360

For those who want that extra precision when they’re playing on their Xbox 360, the Splitfish FragFX mouse for the 360 is here to bring the precision of PC gaming to consoles.

Splitfish already created a PS3 mouse that is compatible with PCs and Macs. Now they’ve done the same for the 360 controller, with the XYAB buttons of the 360 controller located right near your thumb. On the nunchuk, there’s a d-pad, analogue stick and trigger buttons. The whole setup works wirelessly via the USB dongle. The FragFX Shark 360 is suppose to be customisable, lag-free (it uses 2.4GHz wireless) and lasts 50 hours on two AA batteries.

Splitfish markets the mouse as the “world’s first super precision mouse hybrid gaming controller for Xbox 360”. The PS3 version is available in the US for $US90, but there is no word on how the 360 version it will be priced in Australia.

Would you buy a gaming mouse for your console? Or is your console controller enough? Let us know!

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