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Bioware Now Testing The Old Republic With Australian and New Zealand Players

As we all know, Australians won’t be able to play The Old Republic on launch date. Despite our local suffering, Bioware has sent out invites to Australian players to test out the Beta – presumably to test out their servers for when the game goes global.

“Data from this test will be used to inform decisions about the launch of the game in Oceanic regions,” claimed Bioware Community Manager Allison Berryman

“We currently have no updates regarding the launch of the game in these or other territories, but will provide information as it becomes available.”

The Old Republic launches in the US this December, but we currently have idea when the game will be released officially in Australia. Bioware has previously stated, however, that it won’t region block or IP block any player who imports the game.

AU and NZ get in on Star Wars: The Old Republic testing [VG247]

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