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YouTube Pulls Official The Last Of Us Trailer Due To 'Copyright Claim'

Earlier today I received an e-mail from the people at YouTube, who informed me that a seven-second video that I ran of Nintendo game designer Shigeru Miyamoto bobbing his head during a musical performance of the Spike VGAs was in violation of a Viacom copyright.

YouTube, I learned will not jump to the conclusion that a seven-second clip is a-ok.

Neither, is another video we captured of Miyamoto bobbing his head, one we used for a brief news item.

Perhaps it was the musical performance of the Black Keys, playing in the background of those clips that got Viacom’s attention. How could Viacom or YouTube know these videos were captured for news purposes?

And… what else isn’t free and clear of Viacom complaints and YouTube reactions? Oh, just the official trailer for The Last of Us. It, too, has been pulled for now.

All of these clips have one thing in common: they involve content that aired on the Spike Video Game Awards on Saturday night.

We’ve reached out to Last of Us‘s caretakers at Sony for comment about this. We’ll hit up YouTube, too and see what the deal is.

This is The Last Of Us‘s YouTube trailer, as uploaded by Sony. If/when it displays something other than a takedown notice, you’ll know that the parties involved came to their senses. That one seems pretty cut and dry.

(YouTube has also pulled a video we captured of the Call of Duty developers getting “teabagged” at the awards and are threatening to cut off the account of Brian Crecente, who uploaded that. He’s claiming fair use.)

Last of Us Trailer Pulled [Twitter]

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