Co-Op God Of War IV Rumoured For Late 2012

An article in the January 2012 issue of UK magazine PSM3 suggests a fourth major instalment in the successful PlayStation-exclusive God Of War series is incoming later this year and will feature online co-op.

While the game’s development was revealed in 2011, the co-op bit is all-new. Supposedly, GoW IV will task players with breaking out of Hades; the two protagonists will be a dearly-departed Kratos and his equally undead brother, Deimos. PSM3 reports the information came to them via a reliable source.

If you haven’t played the F.E.A.R. games, then this paragraph is full of spoiler goodness. The premise brings to mind F.3.A.R‘s co-op mode, where one player controls the Point Man and the other gets all supernatural with the first game’s very dead antagonist Paxton Fettel. They’re brothers, too! But the similarities end there… at least until we hear word that Kratos has cashed in his Blades of Chaos for a pair of MP5s.

Co-op’s seen a resurgence of late, with Resistance 3, Dead Island, Gears Of War 3 and Portal 2 showing the game mode has its fans (me included). Let’s hope we hear more solid details soon.

Rumour: God of War IV to feature online co-op [VG247 via Sillegamer]

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