Diablo Just Turned 15

A simplified Angband with graphics and action gameplay? How could that not be a best seller? Turns out that indeed, it was. Well over a decade on, Diablo is one of the most successful PC franchises ever. Originally released on December 31, 1996, the first game officially turned the big one-five two days ago.

There’s no mention of the anniversary on Blizzard’s site, and it doesn’t look like the company did anything special to celebrate. It might be waiting for the game to turn 20, though you’d imagine with the third title on its way it’d be the perfect reason to promote it. I thought it might do a little something, considering the lengths it goes to for April Fool’s Day.

Diablo was the creation of Dave Brevik and Max and Erich Schaefer while they worked at Blizzard North. All three resigned in mid-2003 under interesting circumstances and went on to found Flagship Studios. The procedurally-generated RPG Hellgate: London was the only game it released, however, Max and Erich went on to start Runic Games after Flagship dissolved and its first title, Torchlight, was very well received.

Any memorable Diablo experiences? Nova-ing the crap out of Diablo in seconds in the first game and then having to kite the living hell out of him as a Necromancer with a blood golem and bone spears in the second are up there for me.

@Diablo [Twitter, via Blue’s News]

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