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Is Lucasarts Working On A Project That Will 'Revolutionise The Industry'?

According to a new job ad popping up on the Lucasfilm website, Lucasarts is currently building a “new way of connected online gaming that is going to revolutionize the industry.” Now I’m used to hearing hyperbole in my press releases, but in my job ads? This is new!

I suppose this job could be something related to Star Wars: The Old Republic, possibly, but The Old Republic is an EA and Bioware project, and this is most likely something completely different.

But what?

It’s difficult to say, but the ad specifies that experience in 24/7 services with constant high traffic is a necessity, and they’re looking for someone with experience with “first party (Sony and Microsoft) certification. This means that, whatever the project is, it will most likely be available on consoles, and it will be some sort of important online experience.

Let the rampant speculation begin!

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