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Job Cuts At Studio That Made Syndicate

It’s become a familiar story: studio is employed to make a game, studio finishes game, studio shrinks upon game’s completion. This is what has happened over in Sweden where Starbreeze, the studio behind the new Syndicate game, has lost 25 jobs.

Along with the 25 job cuts, board member Peter Tornquist will resign from Starbreeze’s board with no replacement planned.

The CEO of Starbreeze, Mikael Nermark, said: “It is sad that we are forced to make staff cutbacks affecting employees. But we hace to reduce staff after the delivery of Syndicate.”

Starbreeze Studios was founded in 1998 and has worked on games like Enclave, Knights of the Temple, The Chronicles of Riddick, and The Darkness.

The Syndicate re-make is being released around the world next week, except in Australia where it has been refused classification.


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