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Minecraft Creator Won't Sue Clone-Makers

The games industry is a sue-happy one, but not everyone can be fussed taking legal action against their games’ clones. Mojang is one such studio.

There are no shortage of Minecraft clones — in fact, the list of Minecraft rip-offs on PC and mobile devices is kind of terrifying. Mojang could probably get them all to pay-up if it felt so inclined to, but it won’t.

According to Mojang’s business chief, Daniel Kaplan, Minecraft clones don’t bring anything new to the table. When asked if Mojang would be taking legal action over the XBLA game FortressCraft, Kaplan said: “As long as they don’t use anything we MADE, we don’t care.

FortressCraft is the most successful game on Xbox Live Indie Games (not available in Australia), generating more than $1 million in September of last year. The game has been criticised for being very similar to Minecraft. The video below shows footage from the game.

Despite the similarities between FortressCraft and Minecraft, Kaplan isn’t fazed.

“Like, would the Doom creators sue everybody who has done an FPS? Don’t think so,” he said.

“I’m really bored by the clones,” he said. “They don’t bring anything new to the table which is really sad.”

Have you ever played a Minecraft clone? Are they any good? What do you think of Mojang’s approach to cloned games? Let us know!

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