Heavy Rain's Finale Was Never So Hilarious

This isn’t the newest video in the world, but hey! We play older stuff here. (Note to those who haven’t played Heavy Rain: This video spoils the living crap out of the game and the ending.)

I have no idea how this thing came into existence, but it popped onto my radar on the same day that I had been pondering playing some of Heavy Rain again, now that it’s been out for a while.

Do you remember the amazing game Press X to Jason? This video of a bug (real or fake? Who can tell) that happened during the final scenes of the game is about the same, only it’s “Press X to Shaun. Over and over and over again.”

Man, Ethan Mars sure is upset about Shaun! He’s yelling his kid’s name throughout cutscene after chase sequence after cutscene, just… yelling it… man, I can’t even recap this. Just watch the video. It dies out for a little bit but then comes back at the end in amazing fashion. I dare you not to laugh at this.

Heavy Rain maestro David Cage may have moved on to new, impressive technology, but I actually kind of hope that his next game leaves a little room for this kind of hilarity.

Thanks, Jay, for sharing this.

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