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Cancelled Titles The Getaway 3, Heavenly Sword 2 Revealed In Showreel

If you had read our feature Lost Ones: What Happens When Video Games Die, you’d know that developers aren’t supposed to show footage of cancelled games on their CV or showreel, but some do it anyway. The above showreel is particularly interesting, because it reveals previously unseen footage of cancelled titles such as The Getaway 3 and Heavenly Sword 2.

While I don’t really question the decision to shelve these titles, I did enjoy both The Getaway and Heavenly Sword and would most likely have enjoyed sequels/threequels to these games. It’s interesting to see the direction both games were headed towards before being dropped.

The Getaway 3 and other cancelled PS3 exclusives shown in animation reel [Eurogamer]

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