Grab The Mount & Blade Collection Right Now For $7.49 (Usually $29.99)

No excuses! If you’ve found reason upon reason (“My pants are too short!”, “I have bad hair!” or “Frogs! I own far too many frogs.”) to give Mount & Blade a miss, this sale should obliterate most, if not all of them. Except for those of you with short pants — that’s just silly and you should be deathly ashamed.

If you head on over to Green Man Gaming, you’ll see the online retailer has slashed the price of the collection by 75 per cent, bringing its normally reasonable US$29.99 price tag down to a startling US$7.49.

What do you get for your almost-eight bucks? From GMG:

Mount & Blade: Calradia is soaked with the blood of sellswords. Survive, and turn a profit!
Mount & Blade: Warband: Command your own faction and engage in 64 player multiplayer!
Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword: Firearms have come to Europe! Learn to tame their unholy roar.

Once purchased from GMG, you’ll need a Steam account to play, though I doubt this will pose much of a barrier.

Mount & Blade Collection [Green Man Gaming, via Reddit]

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