Remember This? [Update]

It's the first Remember This of the week, and I think I have you folks with this one! Prove me wrong! Make me cry like a little baby!


    Leisure Suit Larry 4


    Micro Machines?

    Ultima 7


      First thing i thought also.

    I'm reminded of an Apple IIe game but cannot think of the name!

    All I can recall is basically a tree house acted as a portal to other areas and it was one of the first games I played that allowed the use of a mouse.

    Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers on the NES?

    Kings Quest

    I mean Quest for Glory 1 :-/

    Dare I say, the Adventures of Captain Comic!

    The Dig?



    Tom & Jerry on Nes?



    Harvest Moon

    Jill of the Jungle

    Picket Fence making championship

    Cheetamen? lol

    Commander Keen (4 I think)

    Landstalker: Treasures of King Knole, on MegaDrive?

      Great game.

    Cool Spot?

    Pokemon Wood Edition

    This is where you give us another hint, right Mark? OR ARE YOU NOT MAN ENOUGH?!?

    Soleil on the MegaDrive?

      I forgot that game existed. I remember picking that up with my own hard eard corn with the promise of '80 hours of gameplay' on the back of the box and beat the thing in one weekend. I was crushed. Game wasn't that bad ;)

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