Slow The Hell Down, Sonic The Hedgehog

Now here’s something you don’t here every day. Most people think the key to Sonic the Hedgehog‘s success was speed. Commenter Daemon_Gildas thinks it’s time he retired his red sneakers for a pair of walking shoes in today’s Speak Up on Kotaku.

I’m just gonna say it:

I think it’s time for Sonic the Hedgehog to abandon speed.

Frankly, I liked Sonic better when it was about platforming, with cpeed simply being a by-product of playing well. I don’t care anything about “momentum”, either; I want precision. Honestly, Sonic could take a few cues from Mario.

Assuming the camera-angle allows for it, design levels as if you were designing them for Mario, and then stretch the gaps and raise the platform just a *bit*, so that Sonic feels a bit quicker, but still players similarly.

I’m about as big a fan-boy is there is, but I think people need to take off the rose-colored sunglasses and remember what a bitch it was to platform with Sonic back when he controlled like a goddamn marble.

I’m not saying he needs to ape on Mario’s style completely, as Sonic could do without arbitrary, gimmicky Power-ups, but in terms of level design, there’s a reason why people like Mario games still and not so much Sonic.

Oh, and for the record, I happen to like the Sonic Adventure design of Sonic. DEAL WITH IT!!!

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Image via Beyx