This HD Star Fox 64 Tribute Would Make For An Excellent 3DS Game

The Nintendo 64 had some good games. You know that. It’s a fact of the universe, built right into its physical constants. Einstein and such. So, by the laws that govern our very existence, this high-def tribute to Star Fox 64 (and the series in general) is also good. Not regular good, but italicised good, which is always, always better.

The clips is a solid four and a half minutes long, but it seems to go by so quickly. The special effects feature modern twists but the ship models and a fair chunk of the textures are kept retro. Surely this is something the 3DS could handle without breaking a sweat, or perhaps just the occasional brow wipe?

Go on, Nintendo. You know you want to…

STAR FOX Intro Redux/Tribute – HD [YouTube, via DSO Gaming]

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