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These Japanese People Totally Meh Sony

Beleaguered electronics giant Sony is having a tough time. It’s not only battling a strong yen and strong rivals, but also a giant lack of buzz. Just look at these folks on Japanese TV. No buzz!

In the above photo from Japan’s TBS News, two women are asked if there are any Sony products they want. “Right now, none,” one replied. Ouch.

Granted, Japanese TV is known to fudge things, so it’s hard to know if these were really regular folks on the street as well as hard to know how many people they spoke with and what the consenting opinion was.

That being said, Japanese news going with the “Sony isn’t cool” angle certainly isn’t good for Sony.

ソニーの商品で欲しいものは? → 街の人 「今はないですね」 [トー速]

When asked what Sony products these women had, one of them replied, “Sony? What was it I had?” Pretty sure most consumers know exactly what, let’s say, Apple hardware they own.

This guy said he used to have a Sony MD player. Sony made MD players, what, 10 years ago? Those were cool!

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