So, What's The Deal With Tribes: Ascend In Australia?

I spotted a thread about Tribes: Ascend over on Reddit claiming that “there are barely any players” in Australia and that the game was “full all the time” just two weeks ago. As I write this, the thread has over 250 comments, though many are not from our neck of the woods. It then occurred to me there’s a very easy way to get a health check on the local Tribes: Ascend scene. You’re reading it right now.

We caught wind of Australian servers in October last year, which was more than enough to pique our interest above the usual levels.

Now, the game has been out since April 12, so it’s had a bit over two weeks to settle in. If you’re playing it (or have played it) do you think it’s died off? Obviously, there’s always a spike in players to begin with — as people decided whether it’s their cup of tea or not, numbers will naturally settle.

Have they dropped off too much? Or is the original Reddit poster exaggerating? The core issue for me is that we always complain about companies not providing local servers for games, particularly MMOs, and if Tribes: Ascend is already experiencing unsustainable numbers as the poster claims, it doesn’t help our side of the argument.

Why has Tribes Ascend died off as quick? It had such a fantastic start. [Reddit]

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