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In this week’s double barrel shotgun of a Community Kudos: ShiggyNinty’s dog, monocles, meat and some truly ingenius E3 predictions…

Man, double barrelled nom-guns are tough. So many emails to go through, order to sort out, hard decisions to be made. Just for some perspective Chuloopa sent me six seperate emails, nomming — at a low estimate — one million people. Good job every single one of his emails made me piss myself laughing.

He also sent me a recipe for delicious noms — here are the ingredients.

2 Tablespoon of sweetness
1 cup of Nomka
2 teaspoons of Dessicated nomconut
2 cups self raising pants
1 clove of *wolf-whistle*

The following image is an artist’s impression of what said nom-cake will look like.

Here all of Tha Loops’ noms: Shiggyninty for posting at least twice in TAY, Bish for writing this frackin’ incredible visionary script where I am Ricky Gervais in a Kotaku community style version of the office (spoiler: I fall over and it is very) funny), TRJN for alerting everyone to the cool Google-Zerg-Rush thing, and CakeSmith for being his unlawfully wedded life partner and buying him Morrowind. He also nommed Bish again for being Bish.

Sample sentence from email: “I would like to nom bish for being the bishiest bish that ever bished.”

Anonymous Pessimist also sent me five separate emails! AP is part of one of the best bromances of all time with ShiggyNinty. It really is a beautiful thing. So it makes sense that his first nom was for the Shiggster, for posting “at least five times” in TAY. AP also nommed Bish for his hilarious Office story.

The Kotaku Talk Amongst Yourselves fan fiction was in full flow last week actually — we had the Bish story, Chuloopa’s Origins series (lol!) and Cakesmith dropped one as well — which I totally can’t find now. Pez nominated Cakesmith for his story as well.

Later AP then nominated Shiggy again, for his awesome E3 prediction — more on that later.

But in a late twist that would make M. Night Shyamalan himself raise a single eyebrow in restrained orgasmic pleasure, Anonymous Pessimist pioneered a new thing that negated his earlier noms.

He calls it…

The Anti-kudos.

Hi Mr. Serrels.

I would like to nominate two people for ANTI-kudos. If they win I will deliver a lump of coal to their house.

#1 – Bish: He imitates old people with a walking cane and eats everybody’s food and pretends to be dapper.
#2 – Shiggy: He’s a jerk.

So yeah, Anti-Kudos. That’s a thing now. This is an artist’s impression of what anti-kudos actually looks like in the flesh.

If you see anti-kudos in the flesh please set it on fire immediately, then bury it in sawdust. It’s the only way to be sure.

Okay now let’s talk about ShiggyNinty for a while. This guy has been giving me crap on twitter — saying I’m old and trying to make the #oldmanserrels hashtag a thing. He also sent me this email, in size 20 font…

Sup Mark?
I’ve done this email at size 20 font so you will be able to read it with your old man eyes. I guess be thankful for how far technology has come. Now for noms.

Anonymous Pessimist for all his Monomeat work.

Bish for being so dedicated to keeping up a limp the entire Monomeat.\

Shadow Rize for being so gosh darn handsome.

Doc What for sticking up for the little guy…which was Nintendo…

Ben White and Morkai for having amazing beards.

And #35 for making bars fun with games of snap.

He’s also set up a frickin’ twitter account for his dog, but his greatest achievement was yet to come — an entire day of E3 predictions. That were hilarious, retarded, and flat out bizarre. Here are a couple of stand outs

#E3Prediction Notch announces Minecraft HD, EA picks up publishing rights. Notch digs to lava and respawns in the ocean.

#E3Prediction Bobby Kotick resisgns from Activision. Says “Hell isn’t going to run itself!”

#E3Prediction Bethesda announce DLC for Skyrim where all the dragons are voiced by Sean Connery.

#E3Prediction Deus Ex HD announced. Warren Spector later heard to have said “I never asked for this”

#E3Prediction Square Enix shows a trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3. Wolverine pops out of box screaming “SHOWTIME!”

#E3Prediction EA promote the shit out of Origin, only for Gabe Newell to give out TF2 hats to everyone who uninstalls it.

I could literally go on all day. There are hundreds of these. I can only suggest you head to ShiggyNinty‘s twitter page and check them all out.

And while we’re talking about people being great — a massive, massive congratulations to Harli who was just gotten a job at GameSpot AU. Harli is such a smart, fun, awesome human being and this job couldn’t have gone to a more deserving person. Well done!

Remember when I expected you to be a morbidly obese dude in cosplay?

Okay, back to noms…

Greenius. Well, he nominated everyone: scree, NoobHeadshot, Becaroonie, Sughly, FatShady, Cakesmith, AlexPants, Rocketman, Masha, Anonymous Pessimist. He basically nominated everyone by name. It was incredible.

But he did give anti-kudos to Blerghman for being meh!

#35 did a nom everyone thing as well.

In bullet nom form…

NOM! Anonymous Pessimist – for organising the MONOMEAT. seriously, that dude put a heap of effort into that thing. booking accomodation, insisting everyone turn up looking dapper as hell, and generally making it happen.

NOM! Freeze S. Preston Icesquie – for helping Scree out by sending her a computer peripheral of some description. I still that that was a pretty cool thing to do.

NOM! NegativeZero – I asked a question in TAY about Studio Ghibli films & which ones I should look into gettinig. & NegZero, totally out of the blue, offers me a handfull of his Ghibi DVDs. Such a generous offer & that is absolutely deserving of Noms.

NOM! Everyone who turned up to the monomeat – for making it a blast. very cool bunch of people they are. all of em.

NOM! Everyone who didn’t get along to the monomeat – for a bit of a consolation for missing out.

Man, this is getting out of hand. I have so many noms to get through. Time for a nom-termission…

Alright, let’s move on with a typically abrupt nomination from Effluvium Boy.

Hi Mark,




Shane nominated Blaghman for putting together a really cool interview to help him promote his Graphic novel (which I have read and enjoyed). Just to clarify, that was for Blaghman, not Blerghman. They are separate people.

Virus__ gave a quick nomination to Freeze for helping him out with a job opportunity. Awesome.

Powelen nommed Harli as congratulations for her awesome GameSpot news, AP for putting together the Meat last weekend, and EVERYONE for being an incredible community that can come together despite the massive limitations of the TAY format!

Scree’s nomination made me smile, since it was actually from her Mum! Apparently Freeze sent her an external DVD drive! Sree wanted to let Freeze know that her Mum had a lot of fun popping the bubble wrap!

And finally Cakesmith’s noms! Don’t worry lil’ buddy, I haven’t forgot! (For some reason I always lose Cakesmith’s noms.)

Bish – For giving out copies of Dustforce. I think I got one purely because, as Bish put it, “I got to gift you one of the 5 games you don’t own on Steam”.
Pez – Apparently there was some massive meat last weekend which I couldn’t attend. I hear he put lots of effort into organising stuff for it though.
MASHAAAA – He started some “thinking out loud” posts in TAY which have been excellent to read and have generally started some great discussions.
Chuloopa – For writing up awesome “Origin” stories for myself and Pez. I believe he intends to write them about a bunch of community folks.
Greenius – For re-igniting my love of anime this week. He started talking about it and I was all like “man, I’m going to watch Elfen Lied again!” And I did. And it was awesome.
Shane – I bought his book. I read it. It was good. You should buy it too.
Pixel, Hugo, Rize, AlexPants and Batgirl – For frequently putting up with my homicidal tendencies in multiplayer Red Dead Redemption.
FatShady – Trials Evo comp.
Blaghman – We both love musicals. Because we are manly men.

Phew… I think that’s it! Man. That was probably the most intense Community Kudos of all time. Ever.

And you know what, I think there can only be one choice for this week. In fact, there can only be two choices. Today I want to celebrate the bromance that is Shiggy and Pez. Congrats ShiggyNinty and Anonymous Pessimist, you are the winners of this week’s Community Kudos!

Community Kudos is your chance to reward Kotaku readers/posters who have done incredible things throughout the past week: sporadic acts of kindness, deft commenting skills — if someone deserves to be called out for being an incredible human being, Community Kudos is the place to do it. Send nominations directly to me at this address! The winner gets a cool prize from my massive box of stuff.*

Disclaimer — I’m am really bad at sending stuff out, I have a list, I haven’t forgotten, I’m totally getting round to it. Sorry everyone!

Chris Hastings is the creator of the image used for Community Kudos –- you can check out his site, Dr McNinja, here.

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