Has Blockbuster Leaked The Wii U's Launch Line-Up?

Retail video game listings are a tricky business. Sometimes they can be trusted, but most of the time they’re full of speculative nonsense — particularly when it comes to pricing. But something is telling me that this below list of Wii U launch games, leaked by Blockbuster in the UK, may be the real deal.

As reported by GoNintendo, a anonymous employee sent a list of launch titles for the Wii U — some have already been confirmed, others are new. The list is as follows…

– Aliens Colonial Marines
– Assassin’ Creed 3
– Batman Arkham City
– Darksiders II
– DiRT 3
– Formula 1 All-Stars
– Ghost Recon Online
– Just Dance 4
– Killer Freaks From Outer Space
– Marvel Super Heroes
– Metro Last Light
– Monsters Party
– NEW Super Mario Bros. Wii
– Ninja Gaiden III
– Pikmin
– Rabbids Party Land
– Raving Rabbids
– Rayman Legends
– Shield Pose
– Splinter Cell
– Sports Connection
– Tekken
– Your Shape 2013
– Zombie

I could be wrong, but my guess is there’s a whole lot of truth in this launch list. Plenty seems to ring true — Darksiders II being released on the Wii, Batman: Arkham City.

In addition, there are a lot of Ubisoft titles in this line-up, and if there’s one thing Ubisoft has done successfully in the past, it’s support new hardware. It’s been a successful strategy for them in the past, and I’ve heard multiple folks from Ubi claim it’s a strategy it would maintain for future launches.

Of course, it is merely a retailer list, so it’s hardly confirmation…

RUMOR – Blockbuster UK lists multiple Wii U games (Splinter Cell, Rabbids and more) [GoNintendo]

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