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JB Hi-Fi Comments On Its Decision To Sell Imported Games In-Store

Recently JB Hi-Fi has decided to bypass local distributors and sell a selected range of imported video games in-store at reduced prices. We spoke to Scott Browning, Marketing Director at JB about the decision, who confirmed that JB Hi-Fi has gone down the parallel imports route, and explained some of the reasons why.

“I can confirm that JB Hi-Fi has recently began to source some titles directly from overseas import wholesalers instead of the traditional local distributors,” he said.

“In some cases consumers could purchase titles cheaper from overseas than we could locally via the licensed distributor. We have decided to act in accordance with our cheapest prices promise and source selected popular titles directly from overseas wholesalers in order to provide these prices to our customers.

We asked why JB Hi-Fi was so explicit about its decision to sell parallel imports, considering the fact many other specialist retailers have done the same, but showed a more ‘discretion’ whilst doing so.

“Our policy is to be transparent and pass these savings directly on to our customers by observing global pricing realities,” said Scott Browning.

“For JB Hi-Fi it is a critical matter of maintaining trust with our customers that we are prepared to do whatever it takes to achieve a globally competitive retail offer.

“We remain very positive about the outlook for retail gaming in Australia.”

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