'Microsoft Could Launch A New Xbox Live Tier'

What’s happened in the business of video games this past week …

QUOTE | “Microsoft could launch a new Xbox Live tier.” — Veteran journalist Chris Morris talks about the implications of Microsoft’s subsidized $US99 Xbox deal with Xbox Live two-year subscription.

STAT | 32 per cent — Amount US video game sales (for hardware and software combined) dropped in April over the same month last year, down to $US630.4 million.

QUOTE | “The death knell is ringing for boxed software.” — Matt Spall, game industry veteran, talking about how dedicated game hardware is dying.

QUOTE | “As a consumer the prices being talked about look like a sucker deal to me.” — David Cole of DFC Intelligence, talking about the Xbox 360 for $US99 deal that Microsoft has just introduced.

QUOTE | “Mobile has become a peer to PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo systems.” — EA CEO John Riccitiello talking about the huge importance of mobile gaming in a presentation at CTIA Wireless.

QUOTE | “While the industry loves the Vita, consumers simply don’t seem to care about it.” — Rob Fahey, veteran game journalist, talking about how Sony has only sold 1.8 million PS Vitas so far and why.

QUOTE | “Any serious game developer needs to explore HTML5.” — GameDuell’s Michael Kalkowski and Jonas Gebhardt talking about the problems and myths around HTML5 and its future in mobile and web games.

QUOTE | “The relationship between developer and publisher has changed forever.” — Chris Ulm, Appy Entertainment CEO, and other developers talk about whether publishers are necessary for mobile games.

QUOTE | “We want people to see it as the best pre-order incentive in the business.” — Jon Brooke, brand director for IO Interactive, talking about the Sniper Challenge pre-order incentive for Hitman: Absolution.

STAT | 80 per cent — Amount that Konami’s profits rose for their fiscal year ending in March, even though sales rose only three percent because of their social games.

QUOTE | “I’d be terrified to be marketing games right now.” — Seamus Blackley, co-creator of the Xbox, talking about the huge changes in the game industry.

QUOTE | “Xbox 360 and PS3… next-gen replacements will be built very much with cost in mind.” — Richard Leadbetter, tech specialist at Eurogamer, talking about how the new consoles will not make the same technical leap as the last generation.

STAT | 300 million — Number of downloads of Storm8 games on Android and iOS, reaching more than 100 million mobile devices or more than one out of five devices.

QUOTE | “Become the leading pure-play digital entertainment company.” — Electronic Arts’ new mission, as stated in their end-of-the-year earnings call with stock analysts.

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