Welcome to ScribbleTaku, the latest ‘craze’ all the hip kids are talking about. The game is simple. I give myself 30 seconds to draw a video game, and you have to guess what that video game is! Think of it as like Kotaku’s version of a video game ‘Draw Something’. Only people still actually play.

And yes, Friday’s ScribbleTaku — as almost everyone rightly guessed — was Jetpack Joyride. Well done to the millions of people who guessed correctly, and thanks for playing!

For the first ever ScribbleTaku I gave myself a full minute, but I thought that might make things a little too easy. Now I’m making it 30 seconds, just to make the game a little more frantic for me, and challenging for you.

Have at it! Let me know your guesses in the comments below.

Apologies for the really rubbish pic! I don’t have my good camera with me!

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