Welcome to ScribbleTaku, the latest 'craze' all the hip kids are talking about. The game is simple. I give myself 30 seconds to draw a video game, and you have to guess what that video game is! Think of it as like Kotaku's version of a video game 'Draw Something'. Only people still actually play.

And yes, Friday's ScribbleTaku -- as almost everyone rightly guessed -- was Jetpack Joyride. Well done to the millions of people who guessed correctly, and thanks for playing!

For the first ever ScribbleTaku I gave myself a full minute, but I thought that might make things a little too easy. Now I'm making it 30 seconds, just to make the game a little more frantic for me, and challenging for you.

Have at it! Let me know your guesses in the comments below.

Apologies for the really rubbish pic! I don't have my good camera with me!


    Not a freakn clue, is that a monkey?
    Prince of Persia.

    Monkey Island???

      Nice one.

        I agree. Stoopid monkey.

          Though until its confirmed - pirates!

      How appropriate. You fight like a cow.

    That really is a rubbish pic. I don't know how the CMS let you upload and publish that.


        Content Management System;
        How most modern websites publish and display new content efficiently.

        Content Management System;
        How most modern websites publish and display new content efficiently.

    The Secret of Monkey Island?

    Secret of Monkey Island. So good I recently bought it on Steam!

    Monkey Island sword fighting?..... You fight like a dairy farmer!

      How appropriate - you fight like a cow!

    Cut Throat Island? God, that was a shitty game boy game...

    Monkey Island!! like Defkon says. Look at TAY.

    Heavenly Sword? And giant flying monkey face.

    Focus focus Mr S!

    Soul Calibur

    Dead Space.

    Monkey Island!!

    Brutal Legend?

    That's the second biggest drawing of The Secret of Monkey Island I've ever seen!

    Majoras Mask

    The Dig
    Jetpack Joyride

    International Fencing : Flying Lego Head Edition


    No More Heroes???

    Secret of Monkey Island

    black and white?

    Naughty Bear?

    The Secret of Monkey Island, the monkey head in the background is the entrance to the underground caves.

    The Dig? (Sorry Shane)

      pshh that is sooo three articles ago ;)

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