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There's So Much To Like About This Live-Action Max Payne Fan Flick

Max Payne: Valhalla. It’s a short fan-made tribute to Max Payne and while it has its rough edges, the action sequences are very well done. Trust me, it is seven minutes and 49 seconds you should watch.

Sure, the actor playing Payne doesn’t quite have the same constipated expression as Remedy’s writer / actor Sam Lake, but his costume[s] is spot on and he can do a ground roll when required. I don’t remember being able to crawl under desks, but maybe I missed the prone key during my play-through.

There’s a great bit I don’t want to spoil (you’ll know it when you see it), but if you don’t laugh out loud, then you must have had a humour lobotomy at some stage in your life.

[YouTube, via DSOGaming]

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