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This Is Easily The Most Bizarre 'Video Game' I Have Ever Played

What is BLA BLA? Technically it’s an interactive film, but according to the creators it’s an attempt to depict “different aspects of communication”. It’s also strange in the most bewildering way. If you do anything today, you must play this video game. I’m serious.

BLA BLA has a terrifyingly unique visual style.

“BLA BLA uses xerography, drawing on paper, ActionScript-generated animations, puppet stop-motion combined with real-time 3D mapping…,” explains Vincent Morisset, Director of the BLA BLA project. “I am inspired by projects that feel free aesthetically. I wanted BLA BLA to feel hand-made, imperfect, fragile, so we forget about the technology.”

Morisset has been pushing online interactivity in other projects, and was responsible for Arcade Fire’s website for the song Neon Bible, which was often cited as being the first interactive music video.

“I wanted to create moods and generate emotions through an interactive piece,” writes Morisset. “It’s quite hard to do dramatic crescendos on a website… I thought it would be an interesting challenge.”

This is pretty startling stuff. I suggest you click on this link right away.


Thanks Thistler, for showing this to us!

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