Ex-Visceral Devs Attempt To Catch The Ark

After interviewing Gerry Sakkas about the dissolution of Melbourne’s Visceral Studio, we were really keen to see precisely what he was working on with PlaySide, the studio he started in its wake. Now we know! And we think it looks promising.

Catch the Ark is an endless runner that pushes the flooded genre into the third dimension. The idea, as you can most likely deduce from the title, is to catch up to Noah’s Ark, before the flood gets you and transforms you into a fossil. Visually, Catch the Ark is a real step above its competitors. We like the concept, and we also like the idea of a 3D endless runner. The iTunes App Store is full of endless runners, but Catch the Ark has a genuine point of difference.

PlaySide is made up of a group of ex-Visceral devs — it’s great to see such quality games rise from the ashes of what must have been a brutal cancellation for these guys.

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