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Fake Or Not, There Is Another Xbox 'Durango' Development Kit On eBay...

And the bidding has gone as high as $9,000. Interestingly, the seller of this ‘Durango’ dev kit is ‘Superdae’ — could this be the same piece of hardware? Surely he/she doesn’t have two of them?

There is no description, and the lead image is the same one used in the previous Durango auction (which sold for a ludicrous $20,000). But looking at Superdae’s history, it seems as though the sale that went through yesterday is not part of his eBay record. Very strange indeed.

But still, the original Durango auction seems like it has still gone through as a legitimate purchase — the auction listing still exists and still states that the hardware was sold for $20,100.

Very strange indeed.

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