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UPDATE: Metal Gear Movie Officially Announced

For years now, there has been chatter of a Metal Gear Solid movie. The project was at one time moving forward. Then, it seemed to die.

Today, it seems the movie is back on. Metal Gear Solid is going Hollywood.

At today’s Metal Gear Anniversary event in Tokyo, photos show banners with the slogan “Metal Gear Solid Hollywood Movie”, along with the Columbia Pictures logo. Columbia Pictures is, of course, owned by Sony Pictures.

Back in 2008, Hollywood producer Michael De Luca of Boogie Nights and Wag the Dog fame was on board as producer. At the time, De Luca said the aim was this: “Not mess with the DNA of the game but provide a movie that is an adaptation but that has it’s own cinematic identity so even if you don’t play the game you know, you’ll come out of that movie feeling like you did at the end of The Matrix or the end of Robocop.”

That movie ultimately fell apart. There was chatter at the time that the reason the movie didn’t ultimately come together was a disagreement over budget. Apparently, Konami wanted a big budget production, but didn’t feel like it could do Metal Gear Solid with the smaller budget Hollywood offered.

UPDATE: The existence of a new Metal Gear Solid movie has been confirmed, and will be produced by Avi Arad, the man behind most of the latest Marvel movie productions. “”For many years I fought to bring comics to theaters,” he said, “and video games are the comics of today.”

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