According To Rayman's Creator, The Wii U Is Surprisingly Powerful

You may feel as though the relative power of the Wii U, compared to either current gen consoles, or ‘next-gen’ consoles, is a tired topic. But just in case you don’t, it may be worth nothing that Michel Ancel, the creator of Rayman, and the man currently working on one of the most beautiful Wii U titles, Rayman Legends, believes that the console is actually “surprisingly powerful”!

Speaking to Nintendo Power, Ancel discussed Rayman Legends and the development process.

“What surprises me with Wii U is that we don’t have many technical problems,” he said. “It’s really running very well, in fact. We’re not obliged to constantly optimize things. Even on the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions [of Origins], we had some fill-rate issues and things like that.

According to Ancel there has been moments where the team forgot to optimise and compress certain textures, but the game ran perfectly regardless.

“[W]e improved the engine – but I think the console is quite powerful. Surprisingly powerful. And there’ a lot of memory. You can really have huge textures, and it’s crazy because sometimes the graphic artist – we built our textures in very high-dentition. They could be used in a movie. Then we compress them, but sometimes they forget to do the compression and it still works!”

With Rayman Legends, Ancel and the team is able to push the limits of the game, and take it to new level, visually speaking.

“We can push what the console can do; push it to its limits. And of course, we have a new lighting engine. In fact, the game engine for Origins was mostly just classic sprites in HD, but now we can light them and add shadows and all these things. So there is some technical innovation with the engine itself.”

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